STLHE Conference June 2008 in Windsor, Ontario:
A World of Learning par Excellence: CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS

Download Volunteer ManualNo doubt you’ve heard whispered rumours of a conference on the horizon, galloping toward us like a wild, untamed stallion. Those aren’t just rumours – they’re the whispers of fate, enticing you into sharing an experience with 500 of your soon-to-be-closest friends.

The countdown has begun for the 28th annual Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) conference, held here in Windsor, June 18-21, 2008, hosted by the University of Windsor. And do we need your help!

The STLHE Conference takes place at a different Canadian university every year, and attracts an international audience of 500 or more participants and presenters. It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce others to the diverse and rich learning culture of the University of Windsor. We hope you will agree – in fact, we hope you will take part as volunteers to help us host our guests and keep the conference running smoothly.

Why become an STLHE 2008 conference volunteer?

As a conference volunteer, you’ll be privy to many benefits your friends and fellow-travelers will covet. Sure, you’ll have the singular experience of immersion among the pedagogically-interested hordes, along with opportunities to network with international academics from all disciplines. Yes, you’ll feel that thrilling tingle of moral superiority we all get from helping those in need. Those are lovely benefits. But let’s face it - what matters is the material gain that will buoy your spirit come conference-time. As a conference volunteer, you’ll get:

  • A t-shirt adorned with the STLHE 2008 conference logo. This isn’t some cheap, mass-produced shirt that you can pick up at any old mall outlet. This is a shirt available to conference volunteers alone - a collectable that your non-volunteering friends will never be able to purchase, no matter how wealthy they may be, no matter how skilled at the art of pleading.
  • Free meals during shifts. As a volunteer, you’ll be permitted – nay, entitled – to take occasional breaks to care for your unique biological needs. Among those needs, we are told, is sustenance. Because we want you to have the energy reserves necessary to fulfill your volunteering duties with good cheer, we’re going to give you free lunch during your shifts. And a free pizza dinner on Thursday night!
  • A copy of Collected Essays on Teaching and Learning (CELT). This remarkable journal, collecting a bevy of essays about teaching and learning issues, will be given, free of charge, to conference goers and volunteers only! Others have to pay, you do not!
  • A letter of appreciation suitable for framing and/or inclusion in a teaching portfolio. There are over six billion people in the world. Of those, a few dozen will have letters of appreciation for being a conference volunteer for STLHE 2008. You could be one of the elite.
  • Your name entered in a draw to win 25 buttons emblazoned with your custom design! You get to choose the slogan, image, and colour of the buttons (one design for all 25). We have them made for you. You are limited only by the limits of your own imagination. Well, that and the law.

Seriously, we need your help to make this conference a fantastic, eye-opening experience for participants from all over the world. You’ll have a chance to meet academics from dozens of disciplines and a huge range of institutions. It’s also a chance to work with students, faculty, and staff with whom we often don’t get the opportunity to spend time. We’d love to have the chance to get to know you better and to find out about your unique perspectives on teaching and learning – let’s get acquainted at the conference!

Sign up now to become a conference volunteer so you can help make this great community-building event a smashing success!

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