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Walking Lightly
Learn how you can Green your poster

Poster Presentations

  1. Display tables will be round and 6 feet in diameter. If different arrangements are required, we will do our best to accommodate. Please advise us as soon as possible.
  2. Tables will generally be shared by two presenters, back to back.
  3. We will provide black 36" x 48" presentation boards, which fold into 3 equal panel sections. These can be seen here.
  4. For guidance in preparing your poster, you may wish to visit Creating Effective Poster Presentations.
  5. We encourage you to adopt environmentally sustainable practices in your poster preparation.
  6. Be innovative. Look for a different approach to the poster presentation while staying within the spirit of the form. Innovate with your design. Use text sparingly and consider more graphic and visual forms of communication. If you wish to provide a more detailed text, consider a handout, electronic mailing list, or other forms of extension.
  7. Be interactive. Explore ways beyond the traditional 'conversation at the table' to involve participants in active learning and to promote interaction with your poster. Identify learning outcomes and plan interactions that will foster the achievement of those outcomes. Some possibilities from recent conferences include interactive "draw-on" posters, encouraging additions by sticky-note, including puzzles or participant challenges in your poster.
  8. For those of you coming from outside of North America, we operate on a 60 cycle, 110 volt electrical system. Please ensure any electrical equipment you bring can operate on that standard or bring adaptors. Also, we use the NTSC television standard, so ensure any video/DVD materials you may bring can function on that standard. We strongly suggest you send video and DVD materials to our Poster Session Co-Chair, Brian Cowan, three weeks in advance of the conference so we can check playback. Any materials you send will be treated respectfully and confidentially. Please note that unless confirmed in advance we cannot guarantee electrical access,and that any technology you wish to use is your responsibility. We ask you to respect the rights of other presenters and consider volume and other issues that might make the environment less conducive to presentation, interaction, and learning.

All posters presented at the conference will be considered for the inaugural STLHE Poster Competition. Good luck to all of you!

Brian Cowan, Poster Sessions Co-Chair, will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.