MATH 498/523: Lie Algebras and Representation Theory (Winter 2007)

General Information

Lecturer: Wai Ling Yee
Office: 9111 Lambton Tower
Phone: x3029
E-mail: wlyee (at) uwindsor (dot) ca
Office hours: By appointment, or drop by if I'm in.

Lectures: TR 1:00-2:20 Dillon Hall 356

Midterm: Tuesday March 6th in class.

Final exam: Tuesday April 17th 12:00-3:00PM

Textbook: Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory by J.E. Humphreys.


Syllabus   pdf.

Schedule   pdf.

Lecture Notes

Note that in the interests of placing the subject in a larger mathematical context, I will sometimes discuss mathematical objects which might be unfamiliar to you and give a general picture rather than a precise description. Please don't worry about this: the material is there for the purpose of exposure to mathematical culture and I won't test you on it or expect you to understand it in full. There are errors in these notes that were caught during lectures.

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January 16th   pdf.

January 18th   pdf.

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Assignment 1. Due January 23rd.
Assignment 2. Due February 15th.
Assignment 3. Due March 8th.