CV of Dr. Myron Hlynka

University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4
Phone: 519-253-3000( extension 3014)
B.Sc.(Hons) (Math) University of Manitoba 1970.
M.A. (Math) Pennsylvania State University 1975.
Ph.D. (Statistics) Pennsylvania State University 1985.

Winter 2019 Stochastic Operational Research
Winter 2019 Stochastic Processes

Other courses taught at the University of Windsor, dating from 1986, are
03-65-251(Mathematical Statistics), 03-65-455/541(Stochastic Processes), 03-65-544 (Multivariate Analysis), 03-65-350 (Probability), 03-65-351 (Statistics), 03-65-548 (Nonparametric Statistics), 03-65-205 (Statistics for the Sciences) 03-65-555 (Regression), 03-65-554 (Sampling), Calculus, advanced linear algebra, number theory, history of math

Professional Accreditation and Memberships:

Research Interests

Research interests: queueing theory, control of queueing systems, parallel queues, queue joining strategies, queueing applications in health (cholesterol, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), queueing applications in sports (when to remove a goalie in a hockey game), double ended queues, queueing applications in telecommunications, queueing applications in health services, inventory theory, robustness, random truncation, "secretary problem", urn models, level crossing for queues, Laplace transforms, number theory, actuarial mathematics

Graduate Students Supervised

  1. Andrew LUONG, M.Sc.(Statistics), University of Alberta, 1983
    Master's Paper: Some Results in Reliability Using Death-Immigration and Renewal Processes
  2. Wai-Hang POON, M.Sc.(Computer Science), University of Windsor, 1991, co-supervised with Dr. Henry Toews
    Master's Thesis: Dynamic Scheduling Strategies for Pseudo Parallel Queues: Observing Queues Before Joining
  3. Richard SCHELL, M.Sc. (Statistics), University of Windsor, 1994
    Master's Paper: A Queueing Model for Cholesterol
    (University of Windsor Gold Medalist - October, 1995)
  4. Steve DREKIC, M.Sc. (Statistics), University of Windsor, 1995
    Master's Paper: Conditional Maximum Distributions and Random Truncation
    Currently a professor in the Dept of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences at the University of Waterloo.
  5. Kirk ROY, M.Sc. (Statistics), University of Windsor, 1997.
    Master's Thesis: A Probabilistic Interpretation of Laplace Transforms
    - co-supervised with Dr. Richard Caron
  6. Mathew CHANDLER, M.Sc. (Statistics), University of Windsor, 1997.
    Master's Thesis: A Situational Analysis of the Sacrifice Bunt in Baseball
  7. Luat BUI, M.Sc. (Mathematics), University of Windsor, 1997.
    Master's Thesis: New Results in Partition Theory
  8. Todd BRAITHWAITE, M.Sc. (Statistics), University of Windsor, 1997.
    Master's Thesis: A Two Dimensional Bin Packing Algorithm.
    - co-supervised with Dr. Richard Caron
  9. Wayne HORN, M.Sc. (Statistics), 1999.
    Master's Thesis: Laplace Transforms of Order Statistics of Erlang Random Variables
    - co-supervised with Dr. Percy Brill.
  10. Yingchun LUO (Statistics). M.Sc. (Statistics), 2000.
    Master's Major Paper: A Doubly Stochastic Inventory Model.
  11. Matthew HAEHNEL. M.Sc. (Math), 2001.
    Master's Major Paper: A Modified Runs Test and the Stock Market.
  12. Bashar ZOGHEIB. M.Sc. (Stat), 2002.
    Master's Major Paper: SAS and Approximations to the Standard Normal Cumulative Distribution Function.
  13. Yong Xiang WU. M.Sc. (Stat), 2003.
    Master's Major Paper: M/M/c/c Queueing Systems and Parking Lots.
  14. Huiling XIONG. M.Sc. (Stat), 2003.
    Master's Major Paper: Inequalities for a Parking Lot Queueing Model.
  15. Yi Bei ZHANG. M.Sc. (Stat), 2004. (co-supervised with T. Traynor)
    Master's Major Paper: Convergence and Stochastic Stability of One Step Methods for Stochastic Differential Delay Equations.
  16. Wen MIN. M.Sc. (Stat), 2005.
    Master's Major Paper: Exploratory Statistical Study of E-Bay Textbook Auctions.
  17. Xiaoyong WU. Ph.D. (Stat), 2005. (co-supervised with P. Brill)
    Some Retrial Queueing Models.
  18. Jing TANG. M. Sc. (Stat.) 2005. Control of Queues with Unknown Completion Time.
  19. Chinthanie RAMASUNDARAHETTIGE. M.Sc. (Stat). A Comparison of Several Queueing Software Packages. 2006.
  20. Dongfang CHANG. M.Sc. (Stat.) Queues which Form Prior to Opening of Service Facility. 2006.
  21. Tolulope SAJOBI. M.Sc. (Stat.) Thesis. Markov Transition Matrices and Fibonacci Numbers (126 pp.) 2008.
  22. Qianying WU. M.Sc. (Stat.) Major Paper: First Passage Distributions. 2008.
  23. Zaqas Wuberi. M.Sc. (Stat.) Major Paper: Markov Applications to Medical Conditions. A Survey. 2009.
  24. Rifat JAHAN. M.Sc. (Stat.) 2009.
    Major Paper: Queueing Control and Laplace Transforms.
    -co-supervised with Percy Brill
  25. Shan XU. M.Sc. (Stat.) 2010.
    Major Paper: Some Results on Transient Queues.
  26. Qian JIANG. M.Sc. (Stat.) 2011.
    Major Paper: Construction of Transition Matrices for Reversible Markov Chains
  27. Mubeen HUSSAIN. M.Sc. (Stat.) 2011.
    Major Paper: Time to Ruin for Loss Reserves.
  28. Victoria CHERNOUKHOVA. M.Sc. (Stat). 2012-2013.
    Major Paper: Markov Chain Analysis for Vehicular Left-Turning Lanes
  29. Qianqian WANG. M.Sc. (Stat), 2012-2013.
    Major Paper: Comments on Level Crossing Methods
    co-supervised with Percy Brill
  30. Bingsen YAN. M.Sc. (Stat), 2012-2014.
    Major Paper: Laplace Transforms of Busy Periods in Queues
  31. Zishan HUANG, M.Sc. (Stat), 2014-2015.
    Major Paper: Probabilistic Laplace Transform Inversion.
  32. Ziwen AN, M.Sc. student 2014-15. Major Paper: Reliability Results using Probabilistic Interpretation of Laplace Transforms.
  33. Dongrui LU. M. Sc. student 2015-2016. Major Paper: A Queueing Model with Interruptions.
  34. Chong LIU. M. Sc. student 2015-2016. Major Paper: The Coupon Collecting Problem via Laplace Transforms.
  35. Xinwei LIU. M. Sc. student 2015-2016. Major Paper: Replacing Human Service Queues by Kiosks.
  36. Chi Ho (Alex) CHEUNG, PhD student. 2011-2017. Analysis of Fluid Queues Using Level Crossing Methods
    co-supervised with Percy Brill
  37. Minjian YUAN, MSc. student 2016-2017.
    Major Paper: Two Strategies for a Bus Queueing Model.
  38. Qian JIANG, PhD student. 2011-. co-supervise with Percy Brill
  39. Robert Aidoo, MSc. student 2016-2018.
    Major Paper: Queues With Server Utilization Of One.
  40. Yelyzaveta Chetina, MSc. student 2017-2018.
    Major Paper: Geometric Model of Roots of Stochastic Matrices.
    co-supervised with Percy Brill
  41. Yiyan Ni, M.Sc. student 2017-2018.
    co-supervised with Percy Brill.
    Major Paper: Urn Models, Infinite Sums and Infinite Products
  42. Zhanxuan Deng, M.Sc. student 2017-2018.
    co-supervised with Percy Brill
    Major Paper: Level Crossing Approximation Methods

Undergraduate NSERC Summer Award Students Supervised

  1. Wai-hang POON, 1989
  2. Karen LUCIER Hill, 1990
  3. Nicole LEMIRE, 1990, co-supervised with Dr. R. Caron
  4. Kar WONG, 1992
  5. Steve DREKIC, 1993
  6. Kirk ROY, 1995, co-supervised with Dr. R. Caron
  7. Jon CASEY, 2002.
  8. Deborah LOACH, 2005, co-supervised with Dr. R. Caron
  9. Laura HURAJT, 2006.
  10. Anna CYLWA, 2007.
  11. Michelle CYLWA, 2008.

MITACS Interns
  1. Sheng BI, 2015, Nanjing University (China)
  2. Nian LIU, 2018, Central South University (China)

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Other Activities: