Cross Index Rarobacter faecitabidus
SuperSet Prokaryote, Eubacteria Irregular, Nonsporing Gram-Positive Rods
Compare Acetobacterium Acetogenium kivui, Actinomyces Aeromicrobium erythreum Agromyces ramosus Arachnia propionica, Arcanobacterium haemolyticum, Arthrobacter, Aureobacterium, Bifidobacterium, Brachybacterium faecium, Brevibacterium, Butyrivibrio, Caseobacter polymorphus, Cellulomonas ,Clavibacter, Coriobacterium glomerans, Corynebacterium, Curtobacterium, Dermobacter hominus, Eubacterium, Exigouibacterium aurantiacum, Falcivibrio, Gardnerella, Jonsia denitrificans, Lachnospira multiparus, Microbacterium, Mobiluncus, Pimelobacter, Proprionibacterium, Rarobacter faecitabidus , Rothia dentocariosa, Rubrobacter radiotolerans, Sphaerobacter thermophilus , Terrabacter tumescens, Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus, Thermoanaerobium brockii
Contrast Archaea


Morphology Rarobacter faecitabidus
Staining Gram positive in young cultures, Gram variable in old cultures, not acid fast
Morphology small individual irregular shaped rods (-2.-0.3 x 0.8-1.0 um that may show V arrangements. No branching
Motility multitrichous flagella
Specialized structures no spores
Solid surface pale yello, opaque, convex smooth colonies


Growth Parameters Rarobacter faecitabidus
Tropism chemoorganotrophic
Oxygen facultative anaerobes
Temperature optimum 30 oC
Requirements require catalase, hemoglobin or hemin for grow in air, require carbon dioxide for anaerobic growth. Require thiamine and biotin,
Products fermentative metaolbism; produce acid but no gas from glucose and a few other charbohydrates No assimilation was reported with a wide range of organic acids, indole negative, nitrate not reduced, starch, casein and gelatin hydrolysed but not cellulsoe
Enzymes catalase positive, oxidase positive
Unique features adhere to and lyse living yeast cells
Habitat wastewaters of alcoholic beverage factories


Genome Rarobacter faecitabidus
G+C Mol %  


Reference Rarobacter faecitabidus
First citation Yamamoto et al 1988 IJSB 38:7-11
The Prokaryotes p
Bergey's Determinative p 580