Cross Index Toxothrix trichogenes
SuperSet Prokaryote, Eubacteria Gliding Bacteria
Compare Cytophagales, Beggiatoales

Single Celled, rod shaped Capnocytophaga, Chitinophaga pinensis , Cytophaga, Flexibacter, Flexithrix dorotheae, Lysobacter, Microscilla, Sporocytophaga myxococcoides, Thermomena,
Flattened, filamentous Gliding: Alysiella filiformis, Simonsiella,
Sulfur oxidizing,Gliding: Achromatium, Beggiatoa alba, Thioploca, Thiospirillopsis floridana, Thiothrix nivea,
The Pelonemas: Achroanema spp, Desmanthos thiorenophilum, Pelenema, Peloploca,
Other Genera: Agitococcus lubricus , Desulfonema Herpetosiphon, Isosphaera pallida, Leucothrix mucor, Saprospira, Toxothrix trichogenes,Vitreoscilla

Contrast Archaea


Morphology Toxothrix trichogenes
Staining Gram reaction not recorded.
Morphology Cells cylindrical, colourless, 0.5-0.75 x 3-6 um, in filaments (trichomes) up to 400 um long
Motility 85AFilaments often U-shaped (Fig. 23.85A and B) and rotating while slowly moving forward with the rounded part in the lead;
Specialized structures A dense body (polyphosphate?) is often located at either end of the cell a mucoid substance, excreted from several sites on the trailing ends, is deposited as a double track ("railroad track") of twisted strings each 0.2 um wide (Fan- shaped structures may be deposited laterally along the tracks, as the arms of the U move from side to side, and between the tracks, as a result of the middle section being lifted and then touched down again Krul et al. 1970). Oxidized iron may be deposited on the mucoid threads, rendering them yellowish brown and brittle and giving them a diameter of 2.5 um

Filaments are extremely fragile during laboratory examination, observed after short periods under the microscope.

Solid surface Grow attached to surfaces Have not been obtained in pure culture


Growth Parameters Toxothrix trichogenes
Tropism chemoorganotrophic
Oxygen develop best at reduced oxygen tensions (Hasselbarth and Ludemann 1967
pH slightly below neutrality (pH 5.1-7.7).
Temperature psychrophilic cultures have been maintained for long periods at 5 and 10`C
Unique features  
Habitat Originally found in water reservoir near the Biological Station at the Dnjepr River in the U.S.S.R. Widely distributed in cold iron springs, brooks, forest ponds and lakes containing ferrous iron and with reduced oxygen tension (Hirsch 1981a).


Genome Toxothrix trichogenes
G+C Mol %  


Reference Toxothrix trichogenes
First citation Molisch, H. 1925. Botanische Beobachtungen in Japan. VIII. Die Eisenorganismen Japan. Sci. Rep. Tohoku Imp. Univ. Ser IV Biol 1:135-168
The Prokaryotes  
Bergey's Systematatic p 2120 P. Hirsch
Bergey's Determinative p 498