Cross Index Thiothrix nivea
SuperSet Prokaryote, Eubacteria Sheathed heterotrophs and Nonphotosynthetic, Nonfruiting Gliding Bacteria
Compare Herpetosiphon, Thioploca and Thiothrix nivea which also have sheaths are a lso included in Nonphotosynthetic, Nonfruiting Gliding Bacteria in the non fruiting section. The genus Lyngbya which is one of the cyanobacteria also has a sheath.

Clonothrix fusca Crenothrix polyspora, Haliscomenobacter hydrossis, Leptothrix, Lieskeella bifida Phragmidiothrix multiseptata Sphaerotilus natans , Thioploca, Thiothrix nivea, Herpetosiphon

Contrast Archaea


Morphology Thiothrix nivea
Staining Gram-negative.
Morphology Rods, about 1.0-1.5 um in diameter, which exist in multicellular rigid filaments of uniform diameter within a sheath and which produce gonidia from the open end of the sheath. Rosettes may be produced.
Motility The gonidia are motile by gliding. No flagella are present, but a tuft of fimbria may be present on one end of the gonidium.
Specialized structures The closed end of the sheath may have a holdfast Capsules are not produced. Resting stages are now??? known Sulfur globules are deposited within invaginations of the cytoplasmic membrane when cells grow in the presence of a reduced inorganic sulfur compound. By light microscopy the sulfur globules appear to be internal
Solid surface  


Growth Parameters Thiothrix nivea
Tropism mixotrophic
Oxygen Aerobic or microaerophilic
Temperature Optimum temperature: 25- 30`C; maximum: about 32-34`C; minimum: about 6-8`C.
Requirements require any of several small organic compounds as well as a reduced inorganic sulfur source
Enzymes oxidase-positive. Catalase-negative
Unique features  
Habitat Found in sulfide- containing flowing water and in activated-sludge sewage systems


Genome Thiothrix nivea
G+C Mol % 52(Tm)


Reference Thiothrix nivea
First citation Winogradsky,S. 1888. Euber Eisenbakterien Bot. Z. 46: 261-270
The Prokaryotes  
Bergey's Systematatic p 2098 J. M. Larkin
Bergey's Determinative p 493