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Ornithology Lecture Slides
PDF versions of the powerpoint slides shown in lecture will be posted here following each lecture. Important note: These notes do not cover everything that was discussed in class; they are a rough outline of the material presented in class. All students who wish a grade in the A or B range, all students serious about their education, and all students who want their money's worth, should attend all classes.

Lecture Notes (click for PDF file)

Sept 9
Lecture01.pdf (4.0MB)
    Orders of Birds of the World Hand-out
Sept 13
Lecture02.pdf (2.8MB)
   Video about Ken Dial's Research (in relation to page 41-42)
Sept 15
Lecture03.pdf (4.9MB)
   Video 1 of Club-winged Manakin; Video 2 of Club-winged Manakin
Sept 20
Lecture04.pdf (3.2MB)
   Video about Ojibway Prairie Conservation Preserve
Sept 22
Lecture05.pdf (3.7MB)

Starting in late September, I will be posting all of our lecture slides through Blackboard:
This will allow me to get the lecture slides to you more quickly and efficiently. I have posted all lectures there, going back to lecture 01.

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