Dan Mennill's Links Page

Bird Sound Resources

Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds at Cornell's Lab of Ornithology -  The world's largest collection of recordings of animal sounds is digital, and much of the collection is available for listening online. Download their visualization software and you can visualize sounds from the library as spectrograms on your computer.

Xeno Canto - A very impressive user-maintained database focusing on recordings of Neotropical birds, all available for listening online or for downloading.

Mangoverde - A virtual field guide, curated by William Hull, to the birds of the world with sound recordings, photographs, and video. 

Naturesongs - Doug Von Gausig's site features a diverse collection of bird songs from North America and Costa Rica.

Tony Phillips' Homepage - Tony has a library of bird songs from New York state as well as links to bird-related sites from all over the world. Check out the amazing song of the Uirapuru (Organ Wren) in the "World's Best Singers" section.

Sound Analysis Software

SYRINX by John Burt - This is the software we use most extensively in the Mennill Lab. It is a very versatile software package for visualizing and measuring sounds. I use Syrinx to annotate sounds and conduct basic time and frequency measurements. Syrinx is also a very effective tool for interactive playback and automated sound recognition.

AviSoft SASLab - This is excellent commercial software for analyzing animal sounds. It is expensive but it is powerful. In the Mennill Lab, we use this software for automated sound measurements and spectrogram cross-correlations, among other things.

Raven - Raven is Cornell University's Bioacoustics Research Program's sound analysis software. There is a free version called Raven Lite, and a full version called Raven Pro which is available for purchase. 

X-BAT - The eXtensible BioAcoustic Tool from Cornell's Bioacoustics Research Program is free open source software that can be run within MATLAB; it is very powerful for advanced sound analyses.

Adobe Audition - A second important software tool in the Mennill Lab. This software was designed for manipulating music, but it proves useful for visualizing animal sounds.  In particular, Audition is very effective for frequency analysis, representing sounds as spectrograms, and spot filtering.  We use version 2.0, but there is a newer version 3.0 now available.

Radio Telemetry

Please see my radiotelemetry page for advice on how to radiotag small birds.

Holohil Systems Limited -  A dealer of radio transmitters in Ontario Canada. I have used Holohil's LB-50 radio transmitters to follow Black-capped Chickadees.

Encounternet - Encounternet is a smart radiotransmitter system used to track interactions between animals. I have used an Encounternet system to study mating behaviour of Long-tailed Manakins.

Costa Rica and Santa Rosa National Park

The homepage for the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, an outstanding national park where I conduct much of my tropical research. Santa Rosa National Park is contained within the ACG.

Investigarodes ACG - A website for scientific researchers working in the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste .

Save Our Songbirds - The website for John and Maureen Woodcock's banding project in the Santa Rosa mangrove forests.

Safari Iragaray - This is the website of our good friend Eladio Castro Mora who can provide accommodation, tours, surf equipment, and an overall excellent experience in northeast Costa Rica.

Some of my Collaborators, Colleagues, and Friends' web pages

Biologists at the University of Windsor - Read about the dynamic research programs of my colleagues in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Windsor by following the Faculty and Staff link at our departmental homepage.

Stephanie Doucet - Stephanie is my wife and closest collaborator. She studies the evolution of bird plumage colouration and avian behaviour at University of Windsor.

Gabriel Blouin-Demers - Gabe studies behaviour and herpetology at University of Ottawa. We have collaborated on a study of Red-winged Blackbirds.

Jennifer Foote - Jenn studies acoustic communication in birds at Algoma University. Jennifer was an NSERC postdoc in my lab. We collaborate on studies of the dawn chorus singing behaviour of birds.

Daniel Heath - Daniel studies conservation genetics at University of Windsor. We collaborate on studies on the molecular ecology of birds.

Dennis Higgs - Dennis studies sensory biology, especially acoustic communication in fish, at University of Windsor.

Geoff Hill - Geoff studies visual signaling in birds at Auburn University. Geoff was one of my Postdoc supervisors. Geoff and I have collaborated on searching for Ivory-billled Woodpeckers in Florida, and on a study of House Finch song.

Rob Laird - Rob studies evolutionary ecology at University of Lethbridge.

Oliver Love - Oliver studies ecological and evolutionary physiology at University of Windsor. We collaborate on studies of his Snow Bunting population in the arctic.

Beth MacDougall-Shackleton - Beth studies behavioural ecology and population genetics of songbirds at University of Western Ontario. We have collaborated on studies of her Song Sparrow population at Queen's University Biological Station.

Marc Naguib - Marc studies acoustic communication in birds at the Netherlands Institute for Ecology (NIOO-KNAW). We have collaborated on a paper on the topic of song overlapping in birds.

Trevor Pitcher - Trevor studies evolutionary ecology and conservation biology of fish at University of Windsor.

Laurene Ratcliffe - Laurene studies behavioural ecology of songbirds at Queen's University. Laurene was my PhD supervisor. We collaborate on a long-term study of the behavioural ecology of Black-capped Chickarees at Queen's University Biology Station..

Brandon Schamp -  Brandon studies community ecology of plants at Algoma University.

Matt Shawkey - Matt studies the evolution of animal coloration at University of Akron.

Peter Slater - Peter studies bird song at University of St. Andrews.

Sandy Vehrencamp - Sandy studies animal communication at Cornell University. Sandy was one of my Postdoc supervisors. Sandy and I collaborated on several of my early studies of Rufous-and-white Wrens.

Recording Devices and Playback Devices

Wildlife Acoustics - We use Wildlife Acoustics Song Meters extensively in the Mennill Lab.  They are an excellent product for automated recording, and the people at Wildlife Acoustics are really helpful.

Saul Mineroff Electronics - I have purchased a lot of recording equipment from Saul Mineroff.

FoxPro Speakers - I am not a hunter, but I recommend Fox Pro's "Digital Calls" (these are field-portable loudspeakers that include built-in memory to store your sounds and a remote control that you can use to operate the loudspeaker remotely).