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News from the Mennill Lab

Congratulations to Luis Sandoval: Congratulations to Mennill Lab PhD student Luis Sandoval who successfully defended his dissertation in April 2014: "Vocal behaviour and vocal divergence in Mesoamerican Melozone ground-sparrows." Congratulations  Dr. Sandoval!

Cracking the top ten: A paper by Roberto Sosa, myself, and Adolfo Navarro was one of the ten most downloaded articles at the Journal of Avian Biology from 2013.  Read about it here.

PhD Student Opportunity: I am searching for a Canadian graduate student to study acoustic communication and cultural evolution in Savannah Sparrows, under the co-supervision of myself and Ryan Norris (University of Guelph). See my Grad Student Opportunities webpage for details.

Congratulations to Roberto Sosa: Congratulations to Mennill Lab PhD student Roberto Sosa-Lopez who successfully defended his dissertation in January 2014: "Vocal behaviour, geographic variation, and the evolution of song in Troglodytes wrens." Congratulations  Dr. Sosa!

Research Chair: Beginning in 2014, I am honoured to take up a two-year research chair funded by the University of Windsor called the Faculty of Science Research Excellence Award in Environment and Ecosystems. This will allow my research team to conduct new investigations of migratory songbirds in Canada.

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