CJAM is Moving to 99.1 FM!

September 12, 2009

At midnight on Monday, October 5th CJAM will cease broadcasting at 91.5FM and begin the installation of a new antenna. Later that week CJAM will begin a new era of community radio at 99.1FM. The only thing changing is the frequency! CJAM will continue to broadcast the unique blend of hyper-local alternative radio that you've come to expect from Windsor's only community radio station. Mark your calendars and set your tuners for 99.1 FM!

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March 26, 2009

Today the CRTC approved the application for CJAM FM to move its broadcasting undertaking from 91.5FM to 99.1FM. With this move CJAM will be officially designated as a Full Power "Class A" radio station, with "protected status". This designation is critical for community radio stations like CJAM as it prevents other broadcasters from applying for its signal. This past fall CJAM faced this very threat when the CBC applied to move CBC Radio One to the FM dial at 91.5. The application was eventually withdrawn, but an American applicant for 91.5 was approved by the FCC, necessitating the move to a new frequency.

This is an historic day for CJAM and for the legacy of community radio in Windsor and Detroit, as CJAM will finally gain the long-term security it has deserved for so long. Thanks to the Commission for upholding the Broadcasting Act of Canada, and thanks to CJAM’s community of listeners, programmers and volunteers for sending letters to the CRTC in support of the application.

CJAM is now proceeding with technical changes necessary for the change in signal. More details on when CJAM will be changing frequencies will be made available soon.

For more information contact Station Manager Adam Fox at 519-253-3000 ext. 2525 or by email at statcjam@uwindsor.ca

CJAM is currently applying for an amendment to our broadcasting undertaking to assume a new signal at 99.1 FM. While CJAM has been broadcasting at about 1000 watts for over 10 years, the station was never granted "Protected Status" from the CRTC, thanks to pressures from the FCC who were concerned with CJAM’s level of interference with adjacent American stations. Without "Protected Status", CJAM faces the risk of losing its signal to other applicants. In fact, CJAM faced that very risk recently when the CBC decided to apply for 91.5 in the fall of 2008. The CBC ultimately withdrew its application, but CJAM still faces possible removal from the FM band thanks to a pending American application for our signal.

CJAM has identified a new signal - 99.1 FM - that could afford the station protected status and has moved forward with applications for this new signal to Industry Canada and the CRTC. The application has received "Technical Acceptability" from Industry Canada and is now before the cRTC.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Station Manager Adam Fox directly at 519-253-3000 ex. 2525 or by email at statcjam@uwindsor.ca