CJAM Campus Community Radio

Advertising Information

CJAM has a wide variety of packages and plans to suit all your advertising needs. Our experienced and helpful staff can design your ad to have the greatest possible reach towards your customers. Advertising with CJAM means promoting your product directly to the students and alumni of the University of Windsor and the residents of the Windsor/Detroit area.


General Advertising Rates

***All Production Costs are Included***
30 second spot: $15.00

Custom Packages Cost
Light Air Play (12 regular + 3 bonus spots)
4 spots between 8am & 2pm
4 spots between 2pm & 8pm
4 spots between 8pm & 2am
3 bonus spots between 2am & 8am
$150.00 Weekly
$500.00 Monthly
Medium Air Play (18 regular + 5 bonus spots)
6 spots between 8am & 2pm
6 spots between 2pm & 8pm
6 spots between 8pm & 2am
5 bonus spots between 2am & 8am
$250.00 Weekly
$750.00 Monthly
Heavy Air Play (25 regular + 10 bonus spots)
9 spots between 8am & 2pm
7 spots between 2pm & 8pm
9 spots between 8pm & 2am
10 bonus spots between 2am & 8pm
$350.00 Weekly
$1000.00 Monthly
*** Note: All spots in packages are 30 second spots ***

Sponsorships Weekly Cost
Recorded sponsorship message at the start of the show.
Sponsor's commercial played during the hour.
Announcer mention of Sponsor at the end of show.
Weekly: $100 per hour
Monthly: $350 per hour