• UWindsor hosted the 2011 National Mathematics Camp, training ground for most Canadian contestants in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

1 Memorial Hall

  • Our scanning electron microscope, one of only two of its kind in Canada, can magnify samples up to 200,000 times.


2 Chrysler Hall North

  • The Economics Help Centre is staffed with teaching assistants to supplement classroom instruction with individual tutoring.


3 Biology

  • Our field course in tropical ecology sends students on a trip through the rainforests of Costa Rica.
  • The annual Science Rendezvous brings the community to campus to gain understanding of the role of science and technology in our everyday lives.


4 Essex Hall

  • Biochemistry researchers are investigating the possibility of treating cancer with an extract from dandelion roots.


5 Lambton Tower

  • Our School of Computer Science operates four general-purpose computer labs for undergraduate students, as well as research labs in optical communications, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and bio-informatics.