On Saturday September 26, University of Windsor's third-year Ornithology Class took a day-long field trip to Point Pelee National Park and Holiday Beach Migration Observatory. With record-breaking attendance of 72 students, we had a hands-on study of avian biodiversity and the biology of migration. It was a great day for watching accipiter hawks, with hundreds of Sharp-shinned Hawks passing over our heads at the tip of Point Pelee and the Cattail Marsh Boardwalk. In the afternoon, the knowledgable citizen scientists at the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory showed us how they capture and band hawks and songbirds, and how they monitor the migration of diverse birds along Lake Erie's north shore. The east wind did us no favours in the number of birds captured throughout the afternoon, nevertheless it was a great learning experience. By the end of the day, we had seen 32 different species of birds, and had an outstanding day of biology. All photographs on this page were taken by Dan Mennill and Ornithology students Marcus Leung and Kieran O'Hagan-Wong.

Dr. Dan Mennill, the 72 students of the 2015 Ornithology course, and graduate teaching assistants Alana Demko and Ines Moran wish to extend our sincere thanks to the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory for sharing their knowledge with us, especially the citizen scientists at the hawk tower, at the passerine banding station, and at the hawk banding station. We are so thankful that you spent the afternoon sharing your knowledge with us. 
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