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Here you can listen to anything heard on CJAM within the last 30 days.

CJAM's digital logger is constantly recording and then posting mp3s of each hour. The times located next to the file names are the times at which the file ends. So if you wanted to hear what CJAM was broadcasting on October 16 at 5:30 pm, you would download the file which ends at "16-Oct-2003 17:49". If you wanted October 16 at 5:50 pm, you would download the file that ends at "16-Oct-2003 18:49". Understood?

CJAM Broadcast Archives

Other MP3s

Station IDs
CJAM Is Cool
The Station That Makes Songs Hits
Kid Koala
Liberty and Sauce
North American Drum and Steel
Turn Your Radio On
The Greatest Radio Station in the World
Whip Me
Jack Van Impe
Margaret Cho
Detroit Homeless Guy
I'm on Drugs
We Am Cjam

"In Theory" Theme Music

Jan and Adam's Hilarious* Promos and Commercials
Tupelo Blue Whiskey
Theresa and Tyler Show
CJAM Summer Splash Outtake
Queer Radio
Sonic Arrhythmia
Pledge Drive 1
Pledge Drive 2
I Wear White Jeans 1
I Wear White Jeans 2
Futons Now
Car Auction
CJAM 20th Anniversary Party
University of Windsor Bookstore
University of Windsor Bookstore 2
The New Era with Farah and Carah
Listener Discretion
Buy Nothing Day
I Wear White Jeans 3
Short-Term Memory
Jammies 2004
Pledge Drive 2004
Jammies 2005
I Wear White Jeans 4
2006 Pledge Drive Benefit Shows
2006 Pledge Drive 1
2006 Pledge Drive 2

* May not be all that hilarious