On September 29, 2012, sixty Biology students from the University of Windsor took an ornithology field trip to two of Canada's best birdwatching hotspots. We spent the morning at Point Pelee National Park, observering migratory birds at Ontario's southernmost tip, and watching birds migrate through the Pelee marsh. We spent the afternoon at Holiday Beach Conservation Area learning about the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory; we counted hawks migrating past the hawk tower, we helped with banding songbirds, and we learned about raptor banding. Throughout the day, we observed a record-breaking 64 different species of birds. It was a great day of ornithology.

Dr. Dan Mennill, teaching assistants Roberto Sosa and Kristin Kovach, and the students of the 2012 Ornithology course wish to extend our thanks to the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory for sharing their knowledge with us: Bob Hall-Brooks, Bob Petit, Todd Pepper, Claude Radley, Peggy Hurst, Chris Spagnolo (a former University of WIndsor Ornithology student!), Keven Bruce (another former U Windsor Ornithology student!), and all of their colleagues at the Hawk banding station, the Passerine banding station, and the hawk tower. We are so thankful that you spent the afternoon with us!  We also thank Steve Pike who shared his birdwatching knowledge with us at the tip of Point Pelee.

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