On September 24, 2011, fifty nine University of Windsor students visited Point Pelee National Park, University of Windsor's Pelee Environmental Research Centre, and Holiday Beach Conservation Area for an ornithology field trip. We observed forty seven different species of birds, including gulls congregating at the tip of Point Pelee, a harrier migrating over the Pelee marsh, a heron foraging in the lake at the University of Windsor Pelee Environmental Research Centre, and many migratory raptors and songbirds at Holiday Beach.  With the help of the scientists at the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory, we had a chance to observe migration monitoring research efforts.  It was a great day of ornithology!

Watching birds at Point Pelee National Park.

Identifying gulls at Point Pelee.

Birdwatching at the tip of Point Pelee.

Watching hawks migrate across Lake Erie.

The Ornithology Class of 2011, at the tip of Point Pelee National Park.

Could it be a Little Gull next to the Bonaparte's gull? No... two Bonaparte's Gulls.

Riding the new shuttle back from the tip at Point Pelee National Park.

The shuttle back from Canada's southernmost tip.

The shuttle at Point Pelee.

Watching birds in the marsh from the tower at Point Pelee.

Watching herons...

...and catbirds...

...and cormorants...

...and a harrier at Point Pelee.

Hiking at University of Windsor's Pelee Environmental Research Centre.

Birdwatching at the Pelee Environmental Research Centre's lake.

The 2011 Ornithology class at the Pelee Environmental Research Centre.

Bob releases a tagged hummingbird at Holiday Beach.

Bev shows a sharp-shinned hawk to the Ornithology class.

Carrie releases a Sharp-shinned Hawk, adopted by the University of Windsor Ornithology Class of 2011 as part of the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory's "Adopt a Hawk" program.

Todd demonstrates a hummingbird trap.

Caroline demonstrates a mist net.

Bob bands a Gray-cheeked Thrush.

 Bob shows the students how to band birds.

Releasing a recently-banded Red-eyed Vireo.

The students explore the hawk blind with Bob and Claude.

Releasing a Grey-cheeked Thrush.

Tallying the day's trip list at Holiday Beach Conservation Area.

Dr. Dan Mennill, teaching assistants Brendan Graham and Kristin Kovach, and the students of the 2011 Ornithology course send a very big THANK YOU to the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory for sharing their knowledge with us. We wish to give a special thanks to Steve Kolbe, Bob Hall-Brooks, Todd Pepper, Bob Pettit, Claude Radley, Paul Pratt, Bev Wannick, Caroline Statton, Chris Spagnolo, and all of their colleagues at the Hawk banding station, the Passerine banding station, and the hawk tower. The volunteer work you do is so important and we thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

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