Stephanie Doucet's Publications
Beausoleil, J. M., Doucet, S. M., Heath, D. D., and Pitcher, T. E. 2012. Spawning colouration, female choice and sperm competition in redside dace (Clinostomus elongates). Animal Behaviour, in  press.

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Doucet, S. M.
, and Mennill, D. J. 2010. Dynamic sexual dichromatism in an explosively breeding Neotropical toad. Biology Letters 6: 63-66.

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Doucet, S. M.,
and Meadows, M. G. 2009. Iridescence: a functional perspective. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 6: S115-S132.

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Auk coverDoucet, S. M., McDonald, D. B., Foster, M. S., and Clay, R. P. 2007. Plumage development and molt in long-tailed manakins, Chiroxiphia linearis: variation according to sex and age (cover article). Auk 124: 29-43.

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JEB cover
Doucet, S. M., Shawkey, M. D., Hill, G. E., and Montgomerie, R. 2006. Iridescent plumage in satin bowerbirds: structure, mechanisms, and nanostructural predictors of individual variation in colour (cover article). Journal of Experimental Biology 209: 380-390.

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Doucet, S. M. 2002. Structural plumage coloration, male body size, and condition in the blue-black grassquit, Volatinia jacarinaCondor 104: 30-38.

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