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Current Lab Members
Stéphanie during royal flycatcher field work in Costa Rica.

Dr. Stéphanie M. Doucet
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
401 Sunset Avenue, Biology Building
University of Windsor
Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4, Canada
E-mail: sdoucet AT uwindsor DOT ca
Phone (office): (519) 253-3000 ext. 2727
Phone (lab): (519) 253-3000 ext. 2704
Fax: (519) 971- 3609

1999 BSc  Queen's University
2002 MSc  Queen's University
2006 PhD  Auburn University

Daniel Hanley
Daniel with egg sets at the University of Michigan museum.
Daniel Hanley
PhD Student 2007 - present
Daniel joined the lab as a PhD student in 2007. Daniel obtained his BSc from Cornell University, where he studied population genetics in house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) for his honours project. Daniel went on to join the Animal Behaviour Master's program at Bucknell University, where he studied egg coloration in gray catbirds (Dumetella carolinensis). Daniel is working on the evolution of egg colouration in birds for his PhD.

Katie in Costa Rica with a Swainson's thrush.
Kathryn Rieveley
MSc Student 2008 - present
Katie joined our research team in the spring of 2008, after completing her BSc at the University of Windsor. She conducted field work in Costa Rica, investigating ecological and social determinants of eye size in birds. Katie officially began her MSc program in September 2008. She is investigating the courtship, territorial, and anti-predator functions of displays in Neotropical royal flycatchers (Onychorhynchus coronatus).

Melissa birdwatching at Point Pelee National Park in Ontario.
Melissa Abdellah
MSc Student 2008 - present
Honours Student 2007 - 2008
Melissa joined the lab in September 2006 as part of the Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuroscience program. In 2008, Melissa completed her honours thesis in the lab. Her project focussed on the evolution of female colouration in birds. Melissa's MSc project will investigate the influence of natural and sexual selection on brain size evolution in birds.

Kara in the Canadian Arctic with a Ruddy Turnstone.
Kara-Anne Ward
MSc Student 2009 - present
Kara began her MSc program in September 2009. Kara obtained her BSc from Laurentien University, where she studied mate choice in chipmunks for her honours thesis. For her MSc, Kara is investigating mate choice strategies in female long-tailed manakins.

Fabio helping Daniel with some of his starling work.
Fabio Castelli
Honours Student 2009 - present
Fabio joined the lab as a research volunteer in January 2009.  He is currently completing his Hounours thesis on the influence of life history traits on hybridization in birds.

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Doucet Lab Photos of Research and Lab Activities
Doucet  Lab Fall 2008
Current Lab Group
From left to right: Jessica Cuthbert, Celia Chui, Daniel Hanley, Michelle Bondy, Melissa Adellah, Katie Rieveley, Jillian Faraci, Allison Mistakidis, Karen Cogliati, and Stéphanie Doucet.
Fall 2008
Jess defense party
A toast to Jessica's successful defense!
David Lahti visit
Stephanie and David Lahti enjoying some single malt and a laugh.
2008 Costa Rica Field Work

Katie measuring thrush eye
Katie measuring a swainson's thrush.

Katie and Stephanie
Stephanie and Katie measuring birds.
Katie with a manakin
Katie with a long-tailed manakin.
Steph and Dan
Stephanie and Dan at La Ceiba.

Katie with coati
Katie befriending a coati.

Stephanie with parrot
Parrot chewing at Stephanie's shoulder.
2008 Ontario Field Work
Daniel installing nest box
Daniel installing a starling nest box in Windsor, with the Ambasador Bridge in the background.

Daniel and Celia painting boxes
Daniel and Celia painting nest boxes.
Daniel and Celia mounting boxes
Daniel and Celia installing nest boxes.
Daniel experimenting with paint
Daniel experimenting with paints.

Celia mist netting
Celia extracting a yellow-rumped warbler from a mist net.

Celia with warbler
Celia with a yellow-rumped warbler at Hillman Marsh.

Celia with ovenbird
Celia with an ovenbird.

Celia measuring a kinglet
Celia banding a kinglet.
2007 Ontario Field Work

Daniel and Allison
Daniel and Allison in their ring-billed gull colony.

Steph, Allison, and Daniel
Steph, Allison, and Daniel at the ring-billed gull study site.
gull attack
Ring-billed gull diving straight for Allison.
gull on nest
Ring-billed gull on nest.

Karen fishing for bluegill
Karen fishing for bluegills.
Karen measuring bluegill reflectance
Karen measuring dermal reflectance in a bluegill.

Karen and Steph
Karen and Steph with portable spectrometer.
Karen with hydrolab
Karen measuring water characteristics with a hydrolab.
  2007 Costa Rica Field Work

2007 Royal Flycatcher Team: Celia, Jess, and Stephanie.

Costa Rica crew 2007
2007 Costa Rica Field Crew: Stephanie, Dan, Jess, David, Nicole, Celia.

Dinner at Base Cero
Eating dinner at our Costa Rica field house.
Steph and Conrad
Stephanie's Dad Conrad visits Costa Rica.

Dad's Cliff
Conrad discovers Dad's Cliff at the far end of the Royal Flycatcher study site.
Dan and Conrad
Dan showing off for his father-in-law.

Jess about to check a royal flycatcher nest.
A very cute royal flycatcher baby.

Celia with baby ROFL
Celia holding a baby royal flycatcher.
ROFL team
A very muddy field crew after freeing our SUV from this mud pit!

Celia has had it with being bossed around by Jess.
University of Michigan Museum of Zology Visit – March 2007

Jess Jess measuring bunting plumage reflectance.

Daniel measuring egg reflectance.
Stéphanie measuring manakin morphology.

Jess and Steph
Jess examining tanager reflectance.
Ontario Biology Day, McMaster University – March 20
Steph and Allison
Stéphanie and Allison at registration.

Dan and Sarahs
Dan and the two Sarahs at registration.

Allison presenting
Allison presenting her honours thesis research.

Peru Field Course and Research – February/March 2007

Peru Group Photo
In February 2007, Stéphanie Doucet and Dan Mennill led a field rouce on the Tropical Ecology of Amazonian Peru.
Back Row: David Bradley, Jessica Cuthbert, Lauren Reed, Stéphanie Doucet, Dan Mennill, Ashley Steinberg, Nikki Christopher, Lauren Haindl, Courtney Carmichael, Vanessa Vega, Jason Mouland. Front row: Gino (Resident Naturalist at Explorer's Inn), Tom Hossie, Erica McMullen, Brendan McGovern, Marie LaForme, Christine Terwissen, Steph Tait, Anna Skorbohacz, Peter Slater, Jenny Lazebnik, Jessica Webster, Lyndsey Russell, Kyle Swiston, and Nicole Barker.
Click here to see more photos from our field course.

Jess with tanager
Jess holding her Peruvian study species - the silver-beaked tanager.

Dan with wren
Dan with a thrush-like wren.
Pale-legged hornero.

Ruddy-tailed flycatcher.
Silver-beaked tanager.
  Bird Bag Sewing Party –  February 2007

Ellen, Dan, and Holly showing off woodpecker cake.
Photo by Nicole Barker

Claudia bakes the coolest cupcakes.
Photo by Nicole Barker

Sewing Bird Bags
Stan, Jess, and Britney sewing bird bags.
Photo by Nicole Barker

Sewing Bird Bags
Kyle and Sarah sewing bird bags.
Photo by Nicole Barker

Sewing Bird Bags
Sarah and Dan sewing bird bags.
Photo by Nicole Barker

Sewing Bird Bags
Stéphanie sewing bird bags.
Photo by Nicole Barker

Sewing Bird Bags
Sarah sewing bird bags.
Photo by Nicole Barker

1950's zoology
Jess and Daniel learning about 1950's zoology.
Photo by Nicole Barker

1950's zoology
The woodpecker techs get a kick out of it too.
Photo by Nicole Barker
Nic and Kyle
Nicole and Kyle.
Photo by Nicole Barker
Daniel acting cool
Don't mess with Daniel.
Photo by Nicole Barker
Doucet/Mennill Lab Birding Trip to Pelee – September 2006
Pelee Group Photo
Jim Quinn (from McMaster University), David Bradley, Stéphanie Doucet, Sandra Valderrama, Trevor Pitcher, Peter Christie (journalist from Kingston), Kyle Swiston, Jessica Cuthbert, Dan Mennill, Nicole Barker and Sarah Tremain (left to right).
Photo: September 2006, Point Pelee, Photo by Nicole Barker
Jess and Steph
Jessica and Stéphanie.
Point Pelee, Photo by Nicole Barker
Sarah and Kyle
Sarah and Kyle.
Point Pelee, Photo by Nicole Barker
Pelee Scope
Looking through scope at Point Pelee.
Point Pelee, Photo by Nicole Barker
Pelee Beach
Early morning on the beach at Point Pelee.
Point Pelee, Photo by Nicole Barker
Doucet/Mennill Lab Grad Student Retreat – August 2006

Group Photo1
Kyle Swiston, Jessica Cuthbert, Stéphanie Doucet, Steph Topp, Lauren Reed, Sandra Valderrama, Dan Mennill, Nicole Barker, and David Bradley (left to right).

Pinery Provincial Park, Photo by Nicole Barker
bird nerds
Bird nerds.
Pinery Provincial Park, Photo by Nicole Barker

Hiking around.
Pinery Provincial Park, Photo by Nicole Barker
Photo by Nicole Barker
Lauren, Stéphanie, and Jess, chilling.
Photo by Nicole Barker
porch time
Lauren, Steph, and Dan, relaxing on the porch.
Photo by Nicole Barker
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Former students
Doucet Lab 2007
Lab Group 2007
From left to right: Stéphanie Doucet, Melissa Abdellah, Allison Mistakidis, Daniel Hanley, Jessica Cuthbert, and Irina Bobeica.

Jessica with a displaying male royal flycatcher in Costa Rica.
Jessica Cuthbert
MSc Student 2006 - 2008

Jessica began her Master's program in September 2006. Jesica obtained her BSc from the University of Windsor, where she studied duetting in plain wrens for her honours project. Jessica's MSc project focussed on characterizing the mating system of royal flycatchers (Onychorhynchus coronatus) and investigating patterns mutual sexual selection in these remarkable birds. Jessica is now a research assistant at the University of Windsor.
Karen with a spotted gar.
Karen Cogliati
MSc Student 2007 - 2009
Karen began her MSc program in September 2007. After obtaining her BSc from the University of Windsor, Karen worked on bluegills , Lepomis macrochirus, for her MSc project. She investigated the social and ecological causes of variation in bluegill coloration. Karen's work on fish brought a welcome perspective to a lab full of bird nerds. Karen was co-supervised by Dr. Lynda Corkum. Karen is now pursuing a PhD  at McMaster University.
Celia holding a male royal flycatcher.
Celia Chui
MSc Student 2007 - 2009
Celia obtained her BSc from the University of British Columbia. She joined our lab as a field research technician in May 2007 to help the royal flyctacher crew with field work in Costa Rica. She began her MSc program in September 2007.  Celia's MSc project focussed on inter and intrapopulation variation in plumage colouration in golden-crowned kinglets.
Allison holding a female manakin in Costa Rica.
Allison Mistakidis
Honours Student 2006 - 2007
MSc Student 2007 - 2010

Allison joined the lab as an honours student in September 2006 and as an MSc student in in September 2007. For her honours project, Allison investigated geographic variation in plumage coloration among manakins in the genus Chiroxiphia. For her MSc, Allison investigated the evolution of plumage colouration in wood warblers (Parulidae).
Michelle measuring speciments at the Unversity of Michigan.
Michelle Bondy
Honours Student 2008 - 2009
Michelle began volunteering the the lab in the spring of 2008 and then conducted her Honours Thesis research in the lab. Her thesis prject  the influence of migration on plumage colroation in the family Anatidae. Michelle is now persuing her MSc at the University of Western Ontario.
Jillian summer 2008
Jillian Faraci
Honours Student 2008 - 2009
Jillian joined the lab in the summer of 2008 and began working on her Honours thesis project the following September. As part of her project, Jillian analyzed videos of long-tailed manakins, Chiroxiphia linearis, performing elaborate dual-male courtship dispays at their leks to determined whether females exhibited visual lateralization. 
Irina outside the Biology Building.
Irina Bobeica
Research Volunteer 2006 - 2008
Irina joined the lab as a work study student in October 2006. In her third year of a Biology undergraduate degree, Irina continued to work in the lab as a research volunteer. Her project focused on a comparative study of Neotropical antbirds (Thamnophilidae).

Dave Reis
Dave with a black rat snake.

David Reis
Research Volunteer 2007 - 2008
Dave joined the lab as a research volunteer in September 2007. He helped many of the students in the lab with their various field and museum based projects.
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