The Retirees' Newsletter

The Bi-Monthly Publication of the Retirees' Association (Faculty, Librarian, Administrator)

The University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4

Vol X I, No. 2, June 2001

First Published in July 1991

Issue # 42

Editor : Datta Pillay

Minutes of the Spring General Meeting held on March 15th, 2001 at 2.30 p.m. in Hoffman Auditorium, IONA College.

Members Present: Robert Billinghurst, Don Briggs, Bruce Burton, John Callaghan, Kumar Chatterjee, Sek Chee, Olga Crocker, George Crowell, Edward Crowley, Stanley Cunningham, Tony Doctor, Seymour Faber, Ed Habib, Joan Hackett, Peter Halford, Nigel Hedgecock, Reinhard Helbing, Ted Hirota, Frank Holuj, Wilf Innerd, Aranka Kovacs, Bernie Kroeker, Jan Laba, John LaGaipa, Joan Magee, Jerry Malone, Alan Metcalfe, John Meyer, Ralph Nelson, Ron Nicodemo, Phyllis Nolan, Howard Pawley, Ronold Pazik, Bill Phillips, Datta Pillay, Kenneth Pryke, Dev Purushotham, Idalia Rappe, Conrad Reitz, Ed Rosenbaum, K.alyan Sarkar, Norm Shklov, Stuart Selby, Ripu Singh, Cormac Smith , Robert Stager, Don Wallen, Robert Whitehurst.

58 people attend The Retirees' Annual Dinner at St. Clair College

Chez Dining Room

on Friday April 15, 2001 at 6.00 p.m.

The evening was a smashing success as members socialized and participated in a game organized by Joan and Ripu Singh before the dinner.

Three Founding members

of the Retirees' Association

(WURA) Honored at the dinner

Professors Late Ralph Cowan, Bill Phillips and Norm Shklov were honored for their initiative in founding the association and their contribution to the organization. They were each given citation and a plaque. Mrs. Isabel Cowan received the plaque on behalf of her late husband.

Professor Emeritus Alistair MacLeod

wins Dublin Literary Award,

the world's richest prize

for a novel in English

The $ 172,000 award was the richest surprise, for Professor MacLeod, who is the first Canadian winner in the award's five-year history. The award was given .for his first novel ' No Great Mischief". Macleod was in the final six nominees of the 100 or so nominated. It is certainly a great honor for our colleague and our country.

William Youdelis, Professor Emeritus and a specialist in Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering is the only Canadian academic to be chosen by the Canadian Space Agency ( CSA) to sit as its representative on NASA's Materials Processing and Properties Panel. His task is to help select which experiments will be sent into orbit.

The project selection panel met for two days - May 14 & 15, at the NASA Headquarters in Washington DC for presenting papers and defending those each panelist deems worthy of sending into space.

Dr. J.K. Bewtra Professor Emeritus,

Civil and Environmental Engineering

was elected

a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers

at the annual meeting of the CSCE,

in Victoria, BC on June, 2001

Dr. Mordechay Schlesinger, Professor Emeritus of Physics, has been explaining to an Edmonton judge how to make an honest dollar. Or, to be specific, a loonie, or a toonie or any other Canadian coin.

Schlesinger was called by the lawyers for the Royal Canadian Mint to give expert testimony in the court because the mint is being sued by the company that used to make the coins.

Coins are made from steel, with thin films of copper and nickel. The mint went looking in other countries for the best expert to explain the process for holding those metals together, but found the best expert was the author of "Modern Electroplating," and he lived right here in Canada... Windsor to be exact.

Schlesinger takes no side in the dispute. "My job was to help the judge reach a just decision," he says.

Dr. Peter Halford, Retired Adjunct Professor presented an invited address to the Annual General Meeting of the " Societe Franco-Ontarienne d' Histoire et de Geneologie" held in Windsor on June 1and 2, 2001.

The address " Notre Heritage Regional" focused on words of regional french origin in the speech of franco phones of this area.

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