Generally, Rampike accepts solicited material only for publication. However, unsolicited materials may be submitted with the following provisos: If sending unsolicited materials, please consult editors in advance regarding upcoming themes to forthcoming issues (via email or post). Submissions must be accompanied by an S.A.S.E. (self-addressed, stamped envelope). Submissions must be on topic for planned issues. (Submissions not meeting these requirements will not receive a reply). All articles published are done so on a one-time only North American serial rights basis, after which copyright immediately reverts back to the author-creator. Articles can be sent in either French, or English, or in translation. (For submissions in other languages, please contact the editors in advance). Submissions can be in the form of any literary genre, or documentations of visual arts, including installations, performance-art, etc. Graphic art is also welcome, including mail-art, visual art, and computer graphics. Contributors are asked to keep in mind that Rampike is an inter-disciplinary, post-modern journal engaged with presenting works that are innovative in both form and concept. Standard payment for unsolicited works is in the form of copies of the publication. Your participation in this journal is greatly appreciated but we ask you to keep in mind that publication is limited by the schedule of the journal.

Many thanks! KJ

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