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"I think it's a game of mental gymnastics."
-- Dennis Oppenheim, VOL. 1 # 1 (Erosion Issue)

"I want anything that I write to have a sense of discovery."
-- Clark Blaise, VOL. 1 #'s 2 & 3 (Wood Issue)

"We are presently travelling at the speed of light. The now contains all possible futures."
-- Marshall Mcluhan, VOL. 2 # 1 (Electricity I Issue)

"It really is about what happens when electronics becomes part of your daily life."
-- Laurie Anderson, VOL. 2. # 2 (Electricity II Issue)

"We are working here with a kind of social sculpture, an anthropological art that goes beyond the ideal of modernism."
-- Joseph Beuys, VOL. 2 # 3 (Violence Issue)

"La violence est un enfant qui reve de devenir un homme."
-- Nicole Brossard, VOL. 2 # 3 (Violence Issue)

"There's almost as much myth about erotica as there is about death."
-- Noel Harding, VOL. 3 # 1 (Erotica Issue)

"Clear demonstration that we do not control words: sub-vocal songs. As I shaved and straightened up this morning, 'Just My Bill' from Showboat."
-- William Burroughs, VOL. 3 # 2 (Dreams Issues)

"Deconstruction in thought, if there is such a thing, is not strictly speaking philosophical or artistic."
-- Jacques Derrida, VOL. 3 # 3, (Institutions I Issue)

"Last night I gambled with my anger and lost."
-- John Giorno, VOL. 4 # 1 (Institutions II Issue)

"That probably is that double, that is the discovery that love and death are the same thing."
-- Eli Mandel, VOL. 4 # 2 (Propaganda I Issue)

"Everybody should have a dream machine, this very night by your bedside."
-- Brion Gysin, VOL. 4 # 3 (Propaganda II Issue)

"The conversation, a sound poem of 'jouissance' extends, apparently, forever."
-- Janice Williamson, VOL. 5 # 1 (Food Issue)

"Pablo Neruda was always been as much an idea as a man. His poetry was craggy, immense, his life was public."
-- Rosemary Sullivan, VOL. 5 # 2 ('Pataphysics Issue)

"Consider each word as the complex expression of a single letter."
-- BP Nichol, VOL. 5 # 2 ('Pataphysics Issue)

"Most people don't even know they're in a labyrinth."
-- R Murray Schafer, VOL. 5 # 3 (Terra Incognita Issue)

"Any phychoanalyst can tell you that what women and men stutter out on the couch is exactly the opposite of all their ideological facades."
-- Philippe Sollers, VOL. 6 # 1 (Ontology Issue)

"Fogem frumptious besqualimitity, voraxious flumpf."
-- Charles Bernstein, VOL. 6 # 2 (Phenomenology Issue)

"I'm not interested in nineteenth century plot, but I am interested in myths and adventure stories -- sory of episodic plots."
-- Kathy Acker, VOL. 6 # 3 (Subterfuge Issue)

"Our lives are determined by chance. I don't think anyone would dispute that..."
-- Paul Auster, VOL. 7 # 1 (10TH Anniversary I)

"A great many people say 'I give up my life, give up my job and devote my life to writing poems for my country,' or whatever. It's a lot of shit. You want to write poems, you just write 'em..."
-- Al Purdy, VOL. 7 # 2 (10TH Anniversary II)

"I think Olson and Duncan and all of them were driving at this, there's only one of you,and there will be your self in the world only as long as you're in the world. If you leave no record of it, you won't have been here."
-- Warren Tallman, VOL. 7 # 3 (Postdecodance Issue)

"We don't have to remain isolated from this mass culture, that's why I accept quite often to go on the French television...and, that is why I think it's important to try to escape the ghetto of the avant-garde."
-- Julia Kristeva, VOL. 8 # 1 (Creative Misunderstanding Issue)

"So, I look at Christopher Columbus and I say to myself, 'ok, let's say I'm not going to invert that particular stereotype, let's say instead I'm going to try to re-manufacture it from a more native perspective."
-- Thomas King, VOL. 8 # 2 (Eclectic Perspectives Issues)

"Over the years, I became a radical, and my radicalization is what gave me the confidence and the motivation to be an artist." -- David Fennario, vol. 9 # 1 (Dramatic Representations Issue)

"I happen to think that postmodernism is political, but not in a way that is of much use, in the long run, to feminisms: it does challenge dominant discourses (usually through self-consciousness and parody), but it also re-instates those very discourses in the act of challenging them."
-- Linda Hutcheon, vol. 9, # 2 (Environments I Issue)

"The current social state of aboriginal peoples in this country is a national tragedy and disgrace."
-- Grand chief Matthew coon come vol. 9, # 2
(Environments I Issue)

"The most powerful force shaping our world today is science as applied by the military, industry and medicine."
-- Dr. David Suzuki, vol. 10, #1 (Techno-Environments II Issue)

"A home page on the inter-net can be written by anybody, so we have a full zamisdat era, and zamisdat, when you are living under a dictatorship, are useful."
-- Umberto Eco, vol. 10 #2 (20th Anniversary Issue I)

"Cyberspace? I'm not sure, but I think it's where the bank keeps my money."
-- William Gibson, vol. 11, #1 (20th Anniversary Issue II)

"Given the historical trespass that has created the modern canvas of our nations, we continually struggle with questions of how to perpetuate our national artistic resources, and our aesthetic inheritance, both as individual artists and as inheritors of native cultures and genealogies under siege."
-- Huanani-Kay Trask, vol. 11, #2,
(Aboriginal Perspectives Issue)

"This was a dream that I had when I was in japan and the words of the dream were that 'the goddess of mercy is the goddess of abundance'."
-- Joy Kogawa , vol. 12 #1, (Retrospectives Issue)

"You say how can you people on this side of the fence believe this, and the people on the other side of the fence believe totally the opposite? The answer is it’s easy because we’re who we are and they’re who they are, so why don’t you all shake hands?"
-- Alistair Macleod, vol. 12, #2, (Traditions/Innovations Issue)

"They live in ackdemgorod, land of vertical reality symbolized by the six o’clock anew, somewhere in totalitaria, wehre flaming-flying steam irons light the sky."
-- Istvan Kantor, vol. 13, # 1 (Sense/Sensuality Issue)

"Morning. The sun pours like shaving cream onto the typewriter keys, onto the broad blue table, filling the room with a soft luminescence. On the table, an insurance advertisement that arrived with yesterday’s mail boldly proclaims: ‘if you value your life, then read this immediately, and enjoy the benefits for years to come!"
-- Fausto Bedoya, vol. 14, #1 (Vortext Issue)

"Would be properly mine. Derrida has repeatedly. Be an appropriate question. Various ways. The analytic of death. 'My death – is it possible?' Have and account for. Between singularity and generality. Would be properly mine. That is the question. The whole of his work. -- work. Place. Debate. Aporia. Singularity. Generality. Specificity. Experience. Law. Specificity. Aporia. Necessity. Tradition. Critique."
-- Frank Davey, vol. 14, #2 (25th Anniversary Issue, Part 1)

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