"Rampike, (edited by Karl Jirgens) -- is one of the most elegant and lively 'zeens' in Canada"
-- Phil Hall / Books in Canada

"Perhaps, what I shall call here the poetry of radical artifice will just disappear. Perhaps, but in the meantime, it keeps turning up like a virus: in Canada, where the Concrete poetry movement of the fifties and sixties and the emergence of sound-text poetry and performance work have generated, often without direct connection to its U.S. counterparts, the very rich and vital experimentalism in evidence in such journals as --Rampike--"
-- Marjorie Perloff / Radical Artifice (Univ. Chicago Press, 1991)

"This is a vital and important journal --"
-- Judith Hoffberg / Umbrella

"This is one hell of an impressive product. I've never seen any other magazine that so successfully moves back and forth from academic analysis to the frontiers of experimental art."
-- Mike Gunderloy / Fact Sheet Five

“Rampike, edited by Karl E. Jirgens is a progressive champion magazine of aggressively promoting tomorrow’s fashionable poetry Ritz. Another pioneer in the vis-po game, Rampike has consistently been a port for diverse adventures in poetry. It is a magazine to intermingle, intertwine, co-habitate and fuse – forms, styles, ideas, and a sport to meet new writers. This issue [Vol. 10, #2] is in this tradition. Taylor Brady, Peter Jaeger, W. Mark Sutherland, Spencer Selby, Helen Lovekin and Steve McCaffery make not only a collage of work but intellect, tradition, network, theme and philosophy. It is hard to find a magazine with such a sophisticated, yet narrow, but open program of writing.”
-- Michael Basinski, The Small Magazine Review Issue 76-77
(January-February 2000): 3.

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