Alternative Fuel Technologies

Alternative fuels have the potential to dramatically reshape the automotive industry. Join us in learning about hybrid vehicles, ethanol fuels, and hydrogen fuel technology.

Did You Know?

...that some hybrid vehicles have a fuel efficiency as high as 60 miles per gallon! - see the Hybrid Vehicle Comparison section for details

...that there is such a thing as a zero-emissions vehicle in production - check out the advances made in Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology!


Reinventing the Automobile

Car Taking Off into the Horizon (Clipart taken from MS Office)Over the last decade, many advances have been made in the production of alternatives to the traditional gasoline-fueled engine. These include the hybrid car, ethanol-compatible vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cells. Every one of these fuel technologies has the potential to dramatically reshape the automotive industry. Each will allow for significant improvements to a vehicle’s emissions and to its independence from fossil fuels. Nevertheless, unless consumers are willing to trust and embrace these new technologies, there is little hope for their success as a final solution to the present-day energy crisis.

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