This site is my answer to Facebook.  I developed the idea of a personal website long before Facebook came into being, and if I had thought of it at the time, I could have copyrighted it and made millions.  I prefer this format, as it is more flexible, and is accessible through Internet searching, to a much wider potential audience.    I am interested in all sorts of things, and the list below provides gateways to a variety of exciting, entertaining and informative sites.  Try a few of them out - you might stumble onto something that could change your life forever!

 Leddy Library
Home Page

For cat lovers

More About Me
Research Reports
South Africa
Family History Page
  Reitz, Kirtley, Thesen and Mulder 
Into the New Millennium: All Saints
Anglican Church, Windsor Ontario 1852-2002
by Joanne and
Conrad Reitz

Tenali School
School for Orphaned and Handicapped Children
in Andhra Pradesh India

Science Fiction
Photo Albums

Philip and Simon
Simon and Philip withy me on my 75th birthday Ianuary  3 2010
Joanne ans Conrad
Joanne, Cagney and me, February 2008

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