Week 10
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Leisa Mary



Working Title-Aboriginal children in urban schools

Urban-based First Nations survival schools established in the late 1970ís, blend mandated provincial curriculum with First Nations cultural curriculum. These schools exist in provinces across Canada.

More recently, and particularly in western Canada (e.g. North Battleford), provinces have added Aboriginal schools to address the growing number of Aboriginal families with children migrating to urban centres. As well, these provinces are developing policies, programs and services, and curriculum to support Aboriginal students within the public school system. In the past year, in Peterborough, Ontario, an educator set up a privately funded First Nations school.

Outside of Canada, Australia and New Zealand have a longer history of integrated and segregated schooling for Aboriginal students. There are also a variety of views on  an ideal approach, and necessary components.

This thesis will not examine an ideal approach to Aboriginal schooling in urban centres. It will not critique issues of jurisdiction and control of education. Ideal approach and jurisdiction are political questions related to issues of governance.  The questions for this thesis will focus on whatís out there, and examining the similarities and differences of these models, programs and services, and curricula in use.