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Brock Lakehead Western Windsor
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Discussion Threads


Posting to Discussion Threads--You should, at a minimum, post two times per week on two different days the equivalent of two typed pages (500 words). Aim to be terse without losing substance. Consider editing your post with a word processor before you paste it into your posting on WebCT Lakehead. You will be posting your proposal even if it is not complete at this time. It is normal to share work-in-progress at a Colloquium. Indeed the constructive feedback often leads to a better product.
Some discussion threads are light and conversational as at a Colloquium. Others are  substantive and scholarly. Both types serve a purpose.  
One posting might be in response to a question. Another might provide a context that leads to a question. Questions facilitate discussion.  
Remember the course is equivalent to a three hour class each week, plus readings and assignments. Your postings should reflect a substantial investment of time.  


Like any graduate class attendance is mandatory.