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Major Papers & Theses for 2001




Mark Erdelyan

Substance Abuse Counsellors in Ontario: Should These Health Care Professionals be Required to Complete Specialized Substance Abuse Training Prior to Working with Clients  
Leping Wang University Students' Time Spent on Higher Order Activities Related to the Computer-Mediated Instruction (CMI) and Their Attitudes Towards Levels of Use of CMI
Scott Kissau The Relationship Between School Environment and Effectiveness in French Immersion

Leanne Woodcock Ontario Provincial Assessments: Teachers' Perspectives of its Use and Usefulness
Jianfei Guan Social Interaction and Learning Effectiveness in Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)
Leslynn Flegel Applying a Qualitative Research Procedure to the Analysis of Historical, Theoretical and Practical Foundations in Curriculum Development - an Ontario Example  
Gabriella Christina Bell School Councils as the Key to Effective Parent School Partnerships  
Bessie Fragis The Importance First Generation Greek-Canadians Place on their Offspring's Attainment of a University Degree
Kari Bellaire Classifying Literary Personality Characteristics According to Gender  
Kevin Bellaire What Type of Print do Boys Read in Their Free Time?  
Martin Smit A Proposed Model for Professional Growth and Accountability  
Lisa Babula The Relationship Between Reading Response Based Language Arts Programs and Grade Three Students' Reading Attitudes  
Teresita Luna A Study of Problem Solving Processes in Kindergarten Children  
Judy Breshamer A Correlational Study of Nursing Job Satisfaction and Personal and Work-Related Factors in Critical Care

Susan Haley Gender and Mathematics  
Cheryl Giroux The Importance of Communication in the Learning of Mathematics  
Hui Pan A Comparative Study of FSL Teaching in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and EFL Teaching in Shanghai, China at the Elementary Level  
Marion Clouse Self-Concept and Career Aspirations in Rural and Urban Grade 9 Students: a Comparative Study  



Glenn Rideout The Relationship between Visioning Strategy & School Effectiveness from a New Paradigm Perspective
Elena Qureshi Identifying Characteristics of Students Who Opt for Distance Education
Katharine A. Hungerford Importance and Effectiveness of Peer Feedback as Perceived by Three Domains of Nursing Practice
Paul Fabris The Effects of Grade 8 Rotary Teaching on Grade 9 Achievement in Mathematics
Todd Awender A Comparative Examination Into the Sources of Stress and the Impact of the Latter Among Principals Within Today's Education System