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Major Papers & Theses for 1999




Sandra Perkins A Parental Involvement Program Based on the Work of Joyce Epstein  
Sean Keane Comparing Elementary and Secondary Teacher Attitudes Toward Change  
Melissa Nantais Secondary School Teacher Morale  
William Fabel Leadership Attributes of Elementary and Secondary Panel Principals  
John Howitt A Staff Development Model for the Implementation of Technology in Schools  
Kelly Parent The Relationship Between Educational Change and Teacher's Attitudes  
Jeffrey T. Hillman Barometric Stability of Self-Esteem: Age Group, Gender and Locus of Control Effect  
Catherine Matheson Analysis of a Grade Eight Mathematical Achievement Test and Textbooks Using Concept Maps  
Kimberley J. Henderson A Literature Study of the Perceptions of Teachers and Supervisors Regarding Supervision and Evaluation: Ideals Versus Reality  
Sandra Pagliaroli Motivation and Gender in the Second Language Classrooms  
Tammy Meloche Student Attitudes Toward Reading in a Reader Response Classroom  
Lynn Robinson The Function of Playfulness in the Early Years  
Mary Blakely A Comparison Study of Daycare and Kindergarten Practices in a Rural Setting  
Anna Mastronardi Learning Strategies Used by Intermediate Students in Core French as a Second Language  
Karen Andersen Two Styles of Discourse During Parent-Child Book Reading  
Maya Rao Self-Regulated Learning and the Use of Cognitive Learning Strategies in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics  

Greg Moore The Relationship Between Spelling Strategies and Writing Approaches Used by Teachers at the Grade Four to Eight Levels  
Chantelle Drysdale Gifted Girls: Prisoners of their Giftedness  
Rosemary McDougall Teachers' Beliefs About Mathematics and Student Mathematics Achievement  



Anne Adamson Family-School Partnerships in Urban Elementary Schools
Marion Melville The Relationship Between Parent Involvement and Student Achievement in General and Advanced Level English Courses
Diane Schertzer A Comparison of South-Western Ontario Secondary School Teachers and Elementary School Teachers' Attitudes Towards Educational Change