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Major Papers & Theses for 2000




Carol-Ann Belanger An Investigation of the Negative Aspects of the Twinning Process from the Principal's Perspective  
Lorraine Theresa Sparrow The Perspectives of Canadian Parents regarding Making Connections, A Parent Education Program developed by Learning and Reading Partners Adult Learning Systems  
Jean Ravanello Improving Basic Thinking Skills and the Relationship to Creativity Through Direct Teaching of Basic Thinking Operations  
Haiyan Tang Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Educational Technology in Chinese Elementary Education  
Linda Berger The Growth of Parent Participation in Schools Through School Councils  
Todd Haskell The Relationship Between Sexual Risk Behaviour in Adolescent Females and Involvement in School Extracurricular Activities and Sport  
Ruth A. Smith Leadership Development for Elementary School Students  
Lynne A. Hillman Knowledge of Managing Change and Leadership Style of Nurse Managers
Jessica Rachele Saffran Principals' Perceptions of Variables Impacting Effectiveness of School Councils
Yue Chen Language Learning Motivation and Language Learning Strategies of Chinese Adult Learners  
Leslie J. Scott Self-Instructional Training: An Examination of its Effect on the Math and Reading Achievement of Students with Learning Disabilities  
Katherine English-Almas The Chesterfield Inlet Experience: A Comparative Study of Mindset among Northern and Southern Teachers in the North  
Ann Mueller The Relationship between Parent and Teacher Literacy Activities and the Reading Achievement of Primary Students  
Kerry McCarthy Elementary School Teacher Morale  



Celeste Tremblay O' Neil Student Interpersonal Skill Instruction and Self-Esteem
Jacqueline Bissonnette Predicting Academic Achievement: The Role of Self-Concept and the Home Environment
Karen Roland Cooperative Education - A Value-Added Approach to Education at the University Level
Debra Cooper Students' Perceptions of Effort in Mathematics
Kerry Green-Duren Principal and Teacher Perceptions of Significant Factors Affecting School Leadership Behaviours