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Major Papers & Theses for 1998




Judith M. Keightley A Case Study of Marion Richardson's  'Mind-Pictures' : Application in a Leisure Senior Arts Programme  
Kathy M. Cuderman Secondary School Teachers' Perceptions of Workplace Victimization  
Julie Zittlau Self-Instruction Training: Early Application and Current Use with Children with Learning Disabilities  
Pauline Russell Employment Equity: Policy and Practice in Newfoundland and Ontario - A Comparative Analysis  
Corry O' Neil ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION WITHIN THE CANADIAN HOSPITAL SETTING: A Case Study of Organizational and Individual Dynamics  
Wendy  O'Neil Case Study of a Green School  
Theresa Iandolo The Cognitive Benefits of Children's Play  
Cathy Geml The Value of Teaching Metacognitive Strategies in Elementary Schools  
Geraldine Salinitri Secondary Teachers' Attitudes Toward Educational Change  
Nino Palazzolo Elementary Teachers' Attitudes Toward Educational Change  
L. Scott McKelvie The Impact of Teacher Variables on Teacher Attitudes Toward Mainstreaming  
Anne Arthur Functional Writing Versus Imaginative Writing: Their Relative Balance in Ontario Secondary School English Curriculum  
Laura Smith-McKelvie Correlating Mandatory Enrollment by Females in Grade 9 Technology Classes with Future Course Selection  
Susan Gerrard Early Reading Behaviour of One Class of Primary Special Needs Children  
Michelle Fabel Relationship Between Academics and Extracurricular Activities: Among Destreamed Grade Nine Students  
Diane McKeeve Reading Achievement of First and Second Graders Who Participated in the Early Literacy Program  

Ann Cotter Procedures and Decision-Making in Literature Circles: A Study of twelve Elementary Classrooms  
Nancy Cervi The Provision of Programs for Latch Key Children in Southwestern Ontario
Stacy George The Relationship Between Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge of Fractions  
Cathy Cincurak Female Administrators in Elementary Schools: An Analysis of the Ontario Affirmative Action Policy  



Margaret Ceccacci Power Strategies Used by Elementary School Principals as Perceived by Elementary School Teachers
Natasha Wiebe A Rationale for a Correspondence Version of Expository Writing 01-26-100-01
Clara Howitt An Investigation of Leadership Styles in Decentralized Schools and Centralized Schools
Laura Pinto Marketing Acceptance Levels and Practices of Ontario School Board Continuing Education Institutions
Mark D. Whelan Graduate Education Student Beliefs Related to Internet Usage
Samantha Hendricks In-Service Teacher Perceived Computer Use