Animal Behaviour - 03-55-323
Next Offered: Winter 2013

This course in Animal Behaviour will emphasize the link between organisms and their environment. The thrust of the course will be to understand why different species behave in different ways and why within species there may be individual differences in behaviour. The aim of the course is to derive a basic understanding of how animals have evolved behaviours that aid in survival and reproduction. (Prerequisites: 55-210, 55-211, 55-213)

*Photo taken by Bill Glass


Community Ecology - 03-55-325
Next Offered: TBA

This course will focus on topics of current interest in community theory including predation and competition, species diversity and resource utilization, community energetics, and the relationship between complexity and stability of communities. (Prerequisite: 55-210)


  Stream Ecology - 03-55-444
Next Offered: TBA

This course focuses on the physical properties and biotic responses in rivers and lakes, including morphometry, energy processing, behavioural adaptations of organisms and interactions among organisms. (Prerequisite: 55-210)

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