About Tessonics

Tessonics Inc. is a joint initiative between DaimlerChrysler and Dr. Roman Maev's CIRAMC research team. The team has developed the Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer, a device to detect welding flaws during vehicle production. With approximately 4,000 spot welds on an average vehicle the technology has the potential to save automakers hundreds of millions of dollars in quality control each year.

Since its inception Tessonics has introduced several other NDE products intended to enhance efficiencies in quality control.

R&D and Production Activity

2005/07 - DCX: Production and modification of RSWA devices
2005/07 - DCX and UofW: “Ultrasonic in-process monitoring and feedback of spot weld quality. Second Phase”.
2005/06 - DCX and UofW: “Adhesive Bond Analyzer”
2006/07 - “Intelligent Dashboard”
2006/07 - DCX: “RFID”
2006/07 - DCX: “Wireless Communications”
2006/08 - US ONR: “Pulmonary diagnostical method and system"
2006/09 - US ONR and UofW: “Development of the Basic Procedure for Ultrasound Imaging of Brain Structures through Thick Skull Bones”
2006/07 - UofW: “Development of Glycerol-Based Ultrasonic Couplant"

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