The Centre for Imaging Research and Advanced Materials Characterization (CIRAMC Centre) specializes in development of new high frequency acoustic and acousto-optic imaging systems and conducts research in advanced principles and methods for the imaging and quantitative characterization of surface, sub-surface and bulk materials structures.


The mission of the Centre, which have been jointly formulated by its founding partners, DaimlerChrysler AG and University of Windsor, are:

  • Generation of fundamental new knowledge in the science of quantitative non-destructive evaluation of materials through study of the relationships between material properties and imaging phenomena, using principles of applied physics, physical acoustics, acousto-optics and solid state physics.
  • Application of fundamental new knowledge to the development of commercial NDE procedures and equipment for rapid and accurate materials characterization.
  • Education and development of highly qualified specialists in advanced materials characterization and imaging research, notably, in quantitative NDE technologies based on advanced imaging techniques.
  • Creation and presentation of training programs in quantitative NDE technologies for advanced imaging procedures.
  • Facilitation of international cooperation in applied solid state physics, imaging research and NDE technologies for advanced materials characterization, through collaborative research, technology transfer and development of international standards
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