The IRAMC Centre is engaged in research and development of advanced systems and methods in the fields of acoustic microscopy, high-resolution non-destructive evaluation, ultrasonic sensors, non-linear acoustics, array transducers and acousto-optics. The Centre also develops hardware and software for image processing and high-speed 2D and 3D data visualization and analysis.

The mission of the IRAMC Centre is to provide fundamental research and to develop novel state-of-the-art research systems and methods in the area of applied solid state physics and advanced material characterization. We also focus our attention on applications of nondestructive testing technology for solving crucial quality-control problems during the manufacturing process.

One of the objectives of the IRAMC Centre is to become a recognized leader in the field of investigation and development of a new generation of ultrasonic and acousto-optical systems and methods. Another objective is to participate in the development of new quality inspection and process control systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our major industrial relations are in the automotive sector. However, other potential industrial partners include those in the field of aircraft manufacturing, oil and gas pipe inspection, power station machinery, and railway transportation inspection. In addition, our center is involved in projects for advanced material and medical research and acoustic imaging diagnostics.

One of the important components in our activities is participation in student and researcher exchange programs with other universities, including: John Hopkins University, the University of Michingan, Russian Academy of Sciences, University of Marie Curie Paris and Universite degli studi di Firenze.

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