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The Problem Gambling Research Group was established in 1993 to increase the understanding of gambling and problem gambling in the community. The Group includes academic researchers, graduate students and community based researchers and service providers to form a unique research program.

The Group's initial program of research had been to monitor the impact of increased gambling availability on gambling in the Windsor community. The increase in gambling availability in the City of Windsor has included the opening of a commercial casino (Casino Windsor), simulcast track wagering, off-track horse betting, extended hours of bingo operation, Nevada tickets sold in non-licensed establishments, and an increased number of lottery products. These increases in gambling availability have made the Windsor community a natural laboratory for the study of gambling behaviour. The results of this multi-year study are now available.

The Research Group is nearing the completion of a community based study to understand and prevent problem gambling in seniors. Preliminary results of this study are now available.

In addition to the community based research the Group also carries out basic research on gambling behaviour.

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