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Stress and its effects on health and well being is one of the major areas of focus for Health Psychology.  As research on stress continues to unveil the subtle and complex relationships between the body and mind, finding effective ways to deal with and minimize stress becomes more important.
The following collection of links offers information, theory and research concerning stress in its many forms, ways to deal with stress, and some assessment tools to get a general idea about stress-related concerns.

Stress Knowledge Test

Here is a Stress Knowledge test to get you started before you explore the other links. Find out how much you know about the health effects of stress with this short, interactive quiz. Click here to get started.


  Stress Information Links

    • Physiology of Stress
  • General Coping Links
  • Stress at Work and School
  • Hardiness and Stress
  • Relaxation and Stress
  • Humor and Stress
  Online Stress & Related Self-Tests
  • Personality Tests

  • (does your character or your enduring tendencies amplify or buffer stress?)

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        Many people get so used to living with stress that they do not even realize how much stress affects them. These online tests can help you become more aware of the sources and types of stress in your life by helping you identify your stress levels and how you deal with stress. Personality and emotional states also affect how you deal with stress, so I have included some tests that deal with these areas as well.

    These tests are not intended as a substitute for professional help or assessment, but are provided as a means for you to identify possible areas/concerns regarding stress and your psychological and emotional well being. Please consult a health care professional should the results of any of these tests cause you any concern and/or if you feel that you are having great difficulty in coping with the stress in your life.
Stress Index from CMHA
Stress Questionnaire
Automatic Stress Checklist
The Family Stress Test
Assess your Vulnerability to Stress
Mental Stress Test
PBS Stress-O-Meter
Emotional Stress Test
Stress Quiz
Social Stress Test
Life Change Assessment
(SRRS, Holmes & Rahe, 1967)
Physical Stress Test
Stress Symptoms Quiz
Burnout Test
What's your Stress Limit?
Stress Quiz/Report
What's Keeping You Awake?
 The Stress Test (Reid, 1998)
Are you burning out?

Are You a Worrywart?
How Vulnerable are you to Stress?

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Coping Skills Inventory
Coping Skills Quiz
Stress Toughness Test
The Tombstone Technique
Healthy Lifestyle Test
Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles Test 
Balance Work/Personal Life Test
Are You Fit?
Coping Skills Test
Coping Skills Quiz
Conflict Management Test

Emotional Intelligence Test
Online Anxiety Test
Goldberg Depression Inventory
Online Screening Test for Anxiety
Online Depression Screening Inventory
Eating Disorders & Emotional Eating Test
Emotional Intelligence:  How do You Rate?

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IPIP-NEO online Personality Test
Type A Personality Test
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (Myers-Briggs Type test)
Optimism/Pessimism Inventory
Extraversion- Introversion Inventory
Type A Personality Test (2)
OD-Online Personality Profiler
Locus Of Control Inventory
All About You (based on OCEAN dimensions)
Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scales (Wallston & DeVillis, 1978)
Personality Disorder Screening Test
Self-Esteem Test
Computer Survey - Research on Personality and Health
Self Esteem Self Test
Anxiety Personality Type Questionnaire
Ansir for One - The Self-Perception Test
 Assertiveness Inventory
Outta Control Behavior Test
How Hostile are You?
Bem Sex Role Inventory Revised Bem Sex Role Inventory 

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