Biao Zhou, PhD PEng Professor, Director of Clean Powertrain Lab

Research Areas: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, Battery Management System, Motor Control, 3D Printing, Fuel Cell, Nano-Material, Clean Combustion (Diesel Engine, Jet Engine, Coal), Computational Fluid Dynamics and Combustion.


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Research at The Clean Powertrain Lab

Research Interests

Computational and experimental fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, multi-phase flow, combustion, and electrochemistry; nano-materials; system control and monitoring technology; 3D printing technology; fuel cell hybrid powertrain; fuel cell science and technologies; clean combustion technologies; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


Current Research Topics

       Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

       Fuel cell power systems for  UAV applications

       3D Printing

       Flight dynamics and control

       Fuel cell design and modeling

       Fuel cell testing techniques (system control and monitoring technology)

       Fuel cell and hybrid powertrain technologies

       Advanced Membrane-Electrode-Assembly

       Nano-materials for fuel cell applications

       Clean combustion technologies (Internal combustion engine modeling for different fuels (gasoline, bio-diesel, diesel) with detailed chemistry; gas turbine, burner design, CFD modeling, diesel combustion, coal combustion)

       Grid generation, CFD solver and visualization techniques

       Development of GUI (Graphical User Interface) for CFD code

       Turbulence-spray interaction

       Large Eddy Simulation (LES)

       Dynamics and combustion of droplets and sprays

       Dynamics of flame and vortex


Research Facilities

       Computational Fluid Dynamics Code Development Platforms: KIVA, ANSYS FLUENT, OPENFOAM, in-house codes for two-phase flow and combustion.


       Advanced Fuel Cell Test Stand:  automatic data acquisition system for temperature, pressure, pressure drop, humidity, flowrate, etc.


       Nano-Materials Lab: electro-spinning setup, furnaces, coating equipment, mixer, etc.


       Fuel Cell - Battery Hybrid Vehicle Test Bench: automatic data acquisition system for current, voltage, power, speed, motor and battery monitoring, etc.


       Battery Management System Test Bench: automatic data acquisition system for current, voltage, power, charging/discharging battery, etc.


       Access to Industry and Government Labs: automotive industry (diesel engine research), fuel cell industry (PEM fuel cell research), and National Research Council Canada (fuel cell, gas turbine research).