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Some Suggestions For Writing General Papers
Source: Moore, B.N. & Parker, R. (2001). Critical thinking. Mountain View, California: Mayfield Publishing Co.
Principles of Organization
"Stick to the issue" avoid tangents, "dangling thoughts" and "irrelevancies"
Use a logical sequence "If a reader cannot outline your essay with ease, you have not properly sequenced your material." (p41)
"Be complete" applies to sentences, paragraphs, your topic, your position, anticipated objections,...
Good writing practices:
Outline "...after the first draft outline what you have written." Is it logical? Does every sentence fit?
Revise "Think in terms of innumerable drafts."
Peer proof readers  
Read aloud  
Shelve it for awhile! Come back to consider further revisions at a later date.


Things to avoid
"The windy preamble"  
"Stream of consciousness"  
Letting the reader "do the work"  


Some suggestions for writing an empirical paper...
Writing an Empirical Journal Article