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Joint Ph.D. –Core Seminar 2002 Program  
Students are expected to be present for all activities. The general expectations for each course (Core 2000, 2001, 2002) will be the same. We believe that the activities and expectations address the core skills necessary for academic success in the current diverse research milieu. Thus, in the spirit of the "spiral curriculum" these skills will be enhanced by further practice in Core 2002. By the end of each course students will demonstrate proficiency in:

engaging ideas in a scholarly culture

engaging class readings, ideas and questions in a scholarly discussion

reviewing the literature in a balanced, fair and critical manner

writing in a clear and concise manner

utilizing sound principles of research

presenting written communication in a logical and organized manner

reflective thinking through integrating personal experiences with theory

developing collaborative skills (i.e., co-authoring, peer-reviewing, peer-editing)

utilizing effective presentation skills

engaging various research strategies.



Assessment --


Note that much of the final grade is based on written work.
Formative: Summative:
Writing A Research Question 10% Relational Papers 40%
Writing Critiques of Articles 20% Conference Presentation, Proceedings & Abstracts 10%
Writing A Methods Section 20%    
General Checklist/Rubric For Evaluating Work...


1. Research Question: Using relevant literature, class discussions, personal experience, and peer commentary prepare a research question.
  Main Objective: To cast research questions in a manner appropriate to Dissertations and Grant Applications.
-Six pages  

-Due Friday July 5th-4:00 p.m.

To contextualize research questions in terms of problems, issues, theories, empirical literature, resources, ethical concerns, topicality, etc.

To cast research questions in a manner appropriate to Dissertations and Grant Applications 

2. Writing Critiques of Articles:

Using articles (2-5) related to your research question prepare a literature review (5-8 pages).

  Main Objective: To present and synthesize in a critical and thorough manner information in articles linked to your research question. Consider the following:
-Five to eight pages.

-About 2 to 5 studies

-Due Friday July 12th-4:00 p.m.


Theoretical Article:

Clarity and logic of the argument Validity of the argument.
Comprehensiveness of the argument. Coherence of the argument.
Flaws and omissions in the argument. Etc.

Empirical Article:

Adequacy of the literature review. Adequacy of sampling procedures.
Adequacy of measurements and data collection procedures. Adequacy of statistical procedures and procedures of data analysis.
Adequacy of conclusions, inferences and outcomes. Etc.

Applied Article: (i.e., Report on an implementation process, program or position)

Clarity and logic of the presentation. Validity of the presentation.
Coherence of the presentation. Comprehensiveness of the presentation.
Flaws and omissions in the presentation. Etc.
3. Write A Methods Section: Using relevant literature, class discussions, personal experience, and peer commentary prepare a methodology section to address your research question.
  Main Objective: To develop an appropriate research methodology.
-Two to five pages.

-Due Friday July 19th-4:00 p.m.

To link appropriate methodology with research questions.

To link appropriate methodology with literature reviews.

To link appropriate methodology with dissertation plans.

To link appropriate methodology with SSHRC application guidelines.

4. Conference Presentation. You are required to present your prospective paper or poster, etc. in a mini conference format. Abstracts (500 words) would be collected and bound as the conference proceedings and be available for all participants (and subsequent instructors).
  Main objective: to acquire skills related to conference planning, participation, and presentation. 
Presentation Due Wednesday July 17th.

Printed Abstracts in Electronic form: Due July 26th.

To gain familiarity with conference requirements.

To develop skills related to presentations.

To develop writing skills related to writing abstracts.


5. Relational Writing Four papers that demonstrate how you are relating the lecture material, the class discussions, the texts, and additional readings to your emerging research issue (question, critique, methodology, and presentation).
  Main Objective: To develop an open, scholarly, critical, and integrative approach to research.
Completed papers

   Due July 26th.



To demonstrate:

a. A developing use of resources (text, electronic, personnel, etc.)

b. A developing use of current research issues.

c. A developing use of concerns (legal, political, ethical etc.).

d. A developing use of methodological information.