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Dr. Stéphanie Doucet's homepage:
Learn more about avian sexual selection by visitng my Masters thesis supervisor's webpage.  Dr. Doucet has extensively studied plumage colouration in the Chiroxiphia genus of manakins, and has also investigated the plumage colouration of Satin Bowerbirds and Black-capped Chickadees.

Dr. Dan Mennill's homepage:
Explore the study of avian acoustics by visiting my Honours thesis supervisor's webpage.  He has worked with such diverse species as Black-capped Chickadees, Eastern Whipbirds, and Rufous-and-white Wrens.

Daniel Hanley's homepage: Daniel is a Ph.D. student in the Doucet lab.  He is interested in avian egg colouration and evolution.

Nicole Barker's homepage: Nicole is an M.Sc. student in the Mennill lab.  She investigates avian bioacoustics in Rufous-and-white Wrens.

Kyle Swiston's homepage: Kyle is an M.Sc. student in the Mennill lab.  As part of the highly controversial Ivory-billed Woodpecker team, he is responsible for coordinating the sounds analysis team at UWindsor.

David Bradley's homepage:
David is an M.Sc. student in the Mennill lab.  He is investigating group singing in the Rufous-naped Wren

Lauren Reed's homepage: Lauren is an M.Sc. student in the Mennill lab.   She is interested in the vocalizations of Black-capped Chickadees and Golden-winged warblers.

Stephanie Topp's homepage: Steph was an M.Sc. student in the Mennill lab (2005-2007).  She has studied both Winter Wrens and Rufous-and-white Wrens.

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor: Get the scoop on the latest goings-on here in the department!

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