Michael Crawford

Dept. Biological Sciences
University of Windsor
401 Sunset
Windsor, Ont.
N9B 3P4
lab:     (519) 253-4232 ext. 2721
fax:     (519) 971- 3609
email:    mcrawfo@uwindsor.ca

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Some Publications

Papers in refereed journals

Hooker, Lara; Smoczer, Cristine; KhosrowShahian, Farhad; Wolanski, Marian; Crawford, Michael (2012). Microarray Based Identification of Pitx3 Targets During Xenopus Embryogenesis, Developmental Dynamics, 241(9):1487-505.

Crawford, Michael, Evolution and Emergence: a Re-Evaluation of the New Synthesis (2012). Kronoscope, (Special Issue on Emergence): 185-200

Wolanski, M., KhosrowShahian, F.,  Jerant, L. Jap, Suan Ing, Brockman, Jennifer, Crawford, Michael .J. (2009)  Expression of CAP2 during early Xenopus embryogenesis. Int. J. Dev. Biol. 2009, vol. 53(7): 1063-1067

Wolanski, M., KhosrowShahian, F.,  Kelley, L.E., El-Hodiri, H.M., Crawford, M.J. (2008) xArx2: an aristaless homolog that regulates brain regionalization during development in Xenopus laevis. genesis 47(1): 19-31.

Chang, W.,  KhosrowShahian, F., Wolanski, M., McCormck, W., Marshall, R., Perry, S., Crawford, M.(2006). Conservation of Pitx1 expression during amphibian limb morphogenesis. Biochemistry and Cell Biology Volume 84 (2):257-262.

Khosrowshahian, F., Wolanski, M., Chang, W., Fujiki, F., Jacobs, L., Crawford, M.J. (2005).  Lens and optic cup formation require expression of Pitx3 in Xenopus pre-lens ectoderm.. Developmental Dynamics 234(3): 577-589

Crawford, M.J. (2003). Hox Genes as Synchronized Temporal Regulators:  Implications for Morphological Innovation.  J. Exp. Zoology (Molecular Development and Evolution.) 295B: 1-11.

Ali, A.,  and Crawford, M.J. (2002). Developmental Biology: an array of new possibilities. Biotechnology Advances, 20(5-6) pp. 357-370

Khosrowshahian, F., Hubberstey, A.V., Crawford, M.J. (2002). CAP1 expression is developmentally regulated in Xenopus. Mechanisms of Development 113(2): 211-214.

Chang, W., Koshrowshahian F., Chang, R., Crawford, M. (2001).xPitx1 plays a role in specifying cement gland and head during during early Xenopus development genesis 29: 78-90

Crawford, M.J., Koshrow Shahian, F., Liversage, R.A., Varmuza, S. (In Press Nov. 20, 2000).  Adenine Nucleotide Translocase expression undergoes dynamic regulation during gastrulation in Xenopus laevis (Accession # AF231347)  Biochem. Cell Biol.

Crawford, M., Lanctot, C., Trembley, J., Jenkins, N., Gilbert, D., Copeland, N., Beatty, B., Drouin, J. (1997). Human and murine PTX1/Ptx1 gene maps to the region for Treacher Collins Syndrome. Mammalian Genome 8: 841-845

Crawford, M.J., Liversage, R.A., Varmuza, S.L. (1995) Two isoforms of RAR-gamma2 are differentially expressed in Xenopus laevis embryos, and respond differently to treatment with retinoic acid. Dev. Genetics 17: 291-302

Crawford, M.J. (1995) Transformations in null mutants of Hox genes: do they represent intercalary regenerates? BioEssays 17: 1065-1074.

Drysdale, T.A., Crawford, M.J., (1994) Effects of localized application of retinoic acid on Xenopus laevis development. Dev. Biol. 162: 394-401.

Drysdale, T.A., Tonnisen, K.F., Patterson, K.D., Crawford, M.J., Krieg, P.J. (1994) Cardiac troponin I is a heartspecific marker in the Xenopus embryo: expression during abnormal heart morphogenesis.Dev. Biol. 165: 432-441.

Liversage, R.A., Crawford, M.J.W.K., McLaughlin, D.S. (1986) Effects of concommitant denervation and re-amputation through the regenerative forelimb outgrowth of Xenopus laevis froglets. Can. J. Zool. 64: 258-262.

Other publications

1.  Liversage, R.A., Crawford, M.J. (2000)
Mechanisms of Limb Regeneration
In: Regeneration Medicine, K.Sames, Ed

2. Crawford, M.J (1998) Temporal order and epigenetic phenomena during early development: lessons from the Hox gene mutant mice. Time, Order, Chaos: The Study of Time, Vol. IX (M. Soulsby, J. Fraser, eds)

3. Crawford, M.J.W.K., and Liversage, R.A. (1992) Pattern perturbation in Xenopus laevis forelimb regenerates treated with retinoids. Monogr. Dev. Biol. 23: 146-156.

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1.    Harris, P., Crawford, M.J.(eds) Time and Uncertainty: Study of Time Vol. XI. Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, Netherlands (ISBN 90 04 13811 0) 2004.

2.    Parker, J., Crawford, M., Harris, P. (eds) Time and Memory: Study of Time Vol. XII. Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, Netherlands (ISBN 978 90 04 15427 8) 2006. 

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