Developmental Genetics

Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30-9:50 am Rm Odette 108

Instructor: Dr. M.J. Crawford, Rm 215 Biological Sciences mcrawfo@uwindsor.ca

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Course Description:
        The human genome project has delivered a wealth not only of information, but also of bioinformatics tools.  Many extensive database resources are freely available on the web.  This course will employ the unfolding story of the human genome project to see how different developmental problems arise, how mutations are uncovered and characterized, and how in some cases we might have cause to ponder the evolutionary and ethical dimensions of this work. In addition, through assignments, we will practice using genetic, mutation, publication, and relational databases to develop a rich picture of specific developmental anomalies from all phases of human development - from embryogenesis through growth, to senescence. By the end of this seminar-based course, students will have gained familiarity with the primary literature concerning human mutations and genes that are interesting for their effect, their type, and the means employed to expose them, as well as with some of the tools available to aid experimental analysis and planning. Students will be marked upon the basis of participation in discussions, a web assignment, a seminar, and a 5 page grant proposal.

Lecture meetings:        Lecture meetings: 8:30-9:50, Erie 2130

Textbook:                   Developmental Biology, 7th edition*, Scott F. Gilbert (recommended adjunct only)
                                   *earlier edtions still have utility
                                    The textbook has an amazing Website with many additional links

Instructor:                  Dr. M.J. Crawford, Rm 215 Biological Sciences mcrawfo@uwindsor.ca

   Tentative Grading : Class participation and10 weekly quizzes      20%
   Seminar Outline (First)                                                          10%
   Synopsis for Webpage                                                           15%
   Seminar                                                                              15%
   Respondent Contrib.                                                             10 x 2=20%
   Exam                                                                                  20% Exam Period*
   Option of 5 page Grant Proposal to average 50:50 with seminar/respondent marks

Revenge (Get even and evaluate your Instructor...) Last two weeks
* see the assignments page for more on assignments and grading scale

Late/Missed Assignment Policy:

Late submission of the written assignments  will result in a penalty of one mark lost per day . There will be no written make-up for the  exam .  In exceptional cases, where legitimate cause is documented, an oral exam will be conducted in Rm 215, Biological Sciences at a time to be determined by the instructor.

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