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Cultures of Health Archive flowers hamilton delivery downtown

This site represents an archive of the site Cultures of Health – A Historical Anthology, which was active from 2007 – 2010, based out of the Department of History at the University of Windsor. The files here have been reconstituted from a rescued hard drive after the original server failed. Consequently, there are some minor anomalies in the character sets, particularly in punctuation marks. As well, authorship of some posts is missing, and some images and photographs are missing. Nonetheless, we preserve this as a record of the project.

Border City Medicine: Windsor’s History of Innovative Health Practice flower shop near me

The inaugural presentation in the Medical Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (MASSH) Lecture Series at the University of Windsor proposes an “international”local history of medical practice and underlines the way that the Border Cities served as a self-conscious laboratory for innovations in medical insurance, nursing education and public health over the course of the 20th century.


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