Welcome to the Organization and
Culture Research Lab

   Research Director and Faculty

          Catherine Kwantes, Ph.D.

   Research Associates:
          Greg Chung-Yan (Applied Social)
          Ben Kuo (Adult Clinical)

   2012-2013 Graduate Student
Joanna Kraft
Iris Lin
Amir Talei Pashiri
Natasha Koustova
Twiladawn Stonefish

   2012-2013 Undergraduate
   Student Members:
Kareem Ellis
Ashleigh Erdelyan
Trevin Fernando
Dillon Freeman
Valerie Lopez Mendoza
Samantha Malette
Ashley Percy

   Interests and Activities:
Members of the Organization and Culture Lab are encouraged to work on both individual and joint research projects. Research in this lab revolves around topics concerning workplace issues and the influence of social culture on individual and group behaviour. Oftentimes, the two primary interests of the lab are combined through projects that investigate cross-cultural issues in the workplace. For example, some of the projects that lab members are currently involved in are described below:
  • International Trustworthiness Study: An online study that examines the influence of social culture on people‚Äôs perceptions of trust and trustworthiness in social and work relationships. Data collection for this study is being conducted in collaboration with researchers from 12 different countries.
  • Effect of Context on the Expression of Values in Small Groups: This study looks at how participants interact with one another during a game played in a small group. The focus of this research is on how specific contexts interact with individual cultural values, and how that interaction then affects behaviour.
  • Culture and Display Norms: A study that examines how different factors such as cultural values, gender, and age, influence the way people think different types of emotions should be displayed to people in various roles in organizations (e.g. customer, supervisor, etc.).
   Undergraduate Volunteers:
Lab volunteers are encouraged to participate in lab activities such as providing input during lab meetings, data collection, data entry, and simple data analyses. Undergraduate students are welcome to contact Dr. Kwantes regarding potential volunteer roles in projects of interest.