The Retirees' Newsletter

The Retirees's Association ( Faculty, Librarian, Administrator), University of Windsor, Windsor, Ont. Canada

Vol VIII, No. 2, April 1998


In Memoriam

With deep sadness we record the deaths of three former members of University of Windsor in February, March& April 1998.


Passed away on Saturday March 21, 1998, at the age of 72, in Houston, Texas. She has been living in the care of her family since going on Long Term Disability in 1988. She came to the University of Windsor in 1970 where she soon distinguished herself in teaching practice-theory, and field work. She was on the Boards of Directors of such agencies as Hiatus House, Family Service Bureau, and Brentwood and also involved with the Windsor Boards of Education, YMCA, , United Way and many others.


Died of a heart attack while vacationing in Florida. He was the President of Chrysler Canada and member of the Board of Governors of the University of Windsor. A great friend of the University; he helped establish a $50 million University of Windsor/ Chrysler Canada Ltd. Automotive Research and Development Centre. He received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Windsor in 1995.


Windsor lost its legendary adopted son on February 25th, 1998. W.O. was one of the country's celebrated and beloved authors, passed away at the age of 83 after a long fight with cancer. Mr. Mitchell made his fame and a comfortable living by mining the Prairies of his youth for material which he turned into best-selling novels, short stories, plays, radio shows and film strips. His writing career entered a new phase when he accepted the position of writer-in-residence at the University of Windsor in 1978. As happens to so many non-natives of the city, he came for a brief stay and ended up making the place home for nine years. "I know why we love Windsor" he once told his wife Merna, as they drove down a street lined with porches , many of which contained potbellied men swilling beer after work. "They don't have a sense of self-importance". In Windsor he produced two film scripts, two novels, and two stage plays .


Died on March 12, 1998 in his 75th year in Windsor. He taught in the secondary schools in Toronto, North York, and Saltfleet Township. He was Professor of Education at the University of Toronto and the University of Windsor and Dean of the Faculty of Education and Professor Emeritus at the latter University. He was a current board member of Citizen's Advocacy, The John Howard Society, The Child's Place, Capital Theatre and Unicom.


Died peacefully at the Basilian Fathers Residence, Toronto on Wednesday, April 29, 1998, at the age of 89. He entered the Basilian Fathers in 1926 and was ordained in 1936. Served in Toronto, Houston and Windsor. He was the Former Dean of Arts and Sciences for 18 years, at Assumption University and the University of Windsor. He played a major role in the transition of Assumption University to the non-denominational University of Windsor in 1962-63. Also a major contributor to the drafting of the University of Windsor Act and its passage by the Ontario Government in 1962. During his tenure as Dean from 1963-70, the Faculty grew rapidly. He was an excellent administrator with a great sense of humor

Letters to the Editor

Datta Pillay

I would like to thank the Council for inviting me or my delegate to its last meeting to address my concerns over the shortcomings of our pension plan. This allowed the Retirees' Association through Stan Cunningham, to present its case, and to follow up with two motions moved by Eric West and seconded by Peter Halford. These motions were passed by the General Membership and the Retirees' Association looks forward to a fair and equitable distribution of pension surpluses in the future.

The second motion calls for the application of the bulk of the Retirees' portion of the surplus to improving the safety net or minimum guarantee factor in the pension plan. The current and proposed index formulas fall far short of a reasonable solution to eras of high inflation rates such as between 1973 and 1991.

It makes good sense for those on the money purchase to have a safety net which has a chance of keeping up with the cost of living. In addition, many retirees who have served the University well are on the Minimum Guarantee, which is no reflection on career performance, and it seems reasonable on their part to expect those in a position to determine the contract directions to alter the indexing to reflect the cost of living.

The Retirees' Association views this initial invitation as the beginning of a more formal relationship which will allow its voice to be heard on all issues pertaining to the well-being of its members.


Pat Galasso


Datta Pillay, Editor

I was somewhat heartened to hear that President Ross Paul has said that there will be a retirement lunch (dinner?) for this year's retirees to which last year's 30 retirees will also be invited.

It has irked me that the 1997 'graduating faculty' were not honored by this kind of formal social event. My own Dean hand-wrote me an appreciative note, and I was grateful for that recognition from my own Faculty. But there never was a University-sponsored event honoring the contributions of last year's retirees.

There wasn't even a formal letter or card--a corporate voice--acknowledging our departure. The reason given to me for no event, from within the Tower, was that the Faculty Association--not to be confused with the University of Windsor--did not have sufficient funds to co-sponsor something like the 1996 luncheon. Cold comfort!

The shabbiness of last year's silence is instructive. It symbolizes, I believe, the readiness of some administrators and colleagues to quickly forget and ignore those who helped to build the University. It should also serve to remind us, the retirees, that if we want to be recognized and heard, we need to organize ourselves into more formally structured alliances that can speak with a strong voice to both the University and the Faculty Association. Only then will we be listened to...and heeded.

Stan Cunningham

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