Art Rhyno

 If you can view the image on this page, I am the one in the back with the beard. In addition to trying to keep up with my children and my dog, I am a Systems Librarian at the Leddy Library at the University of Windsor and hold an adjunct appointment at the Queen Elizabeth II Library at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I have given dozens of talks, have written one book and several chapters, as well some articles, and also did some work on Nova Scotia genealogy years ago that lots of folks seem to be using. I am married to a wickedly smart librarian, lawyer, former newspaper editor, and communications manager (yes, I am talking about one person!), and we have three children who are pursuing their own careers. I am keenly interested in solving the problems of information retrieval and digital libraries, and spend way too much time pondering the Internet.

Art Rhyno, Systems Librarian
Leddy Library, University of Windsor
Board member,