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General resources | All about British Politics | BBC Politics 97 | Britannia | British High Commission in Ottawa and The British Council in Canada (United Kingdom's international network for education, culture and development services) | British Politics Group | British Politics Pages (University of Warwick) | British Politics Page | British Social Trends 1900-2000 (Nuffield College, Oxford University) | Canada-UK Relations (DFAIT Canada) | CIA World Factbook - UK | The Constitution Unit | inforoute - HMSO (Web-based gateway to official UK government information. Inforoute will provide a centralized resource for locating and accessing documents and data sets published by government agencies and departments) | Key Events in British Politics (Keele University) | Lijphart Elections Archive | Modern (post-1840) Political Papers | Parties and elections | PCL Map Collection - UK | The Police Services of the UK | Political Resources on the Net - United Kingdom and Northern Ireland - Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and Elections | Political Studies Association Homepage | PoliticsDirect.com | Politics and Government in the UK | Scottish and general UK links | The Stationary Office (National Publishing Virtual Bookstore) | Tony Blair | UK Citizens Online Democracy | UK elect | UK Online political page | US State Department Background Notes on the UK | The UK in Figures - Official Statistics for the United Kingdom (Government Statistical Service) | Yahoo! UK & Ireland |


State church and monarchy | The Church of England and The Archbishop of Canterbury's home page | The Monarchy (Official web site of the Royal Family) - Buckingham Palace Press Release Menu, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and The Prince's Trust | Westminster Abbey |

Parliament | Parliament - Acts of Parliament, The Parliamentary Channel and Public Bills before Parliament | House of Commons - Publications on the Internet and This week's House of Commons business | House of Lords | Hansard - Commons Debates and Lords Debates |

Government ministries | Main British Government Website and CCTA Government Information Service | Department for Culture, Media and Sport | Department for Education and Employment (DFEE) | Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions | Department for International Development | Department of Health | Department of Social Security | Department of Trade and Industry and Overseas Trade Services | Foreign and Commonwealth Office | HM Treasury and Budget | Home Office - Immigration and Nationality Directorate and Research and Statistics Directorate | Lord Chancellor's Department | Ministry of Defence - The Royal Navy, The British Army and Royal Air Force | Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food | Northern Ireland Office | Prime Minister's Office (Number 10 Downing) and Biographies of Prime Ministers: | Scottish Office | Welsh Office |

Government agencies and services | Bank of England | The British Council | Cabinet Office | Central Office of Information | Commission for Racial Equality | Customs & Excise | Government Information Service | Guide to Official Statistics (1996) | HM Stationery Office (HMSO) - Statutory Instruments (Full text 1997-) | Inland Revenue | National Audit Office | National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) | Office of National Statistics | Official Documents (links to a variety of full text documents) | Public Record Office | Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (HMC) | Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) | The Security Service (MI5) | Stationery Office of the United Kingdom (Official Documents) - Command, White and Green Papers (includes full text of recent papers), Publications Catalogue and Internet Publications Catalogue (available in full text) | UK Passport Agency | 'Visit Britain': British Tourist Authority |


Local government | Corporation of London (City of London's local government authority) and London Metropolitan Police | Local Democracy and Community Leadership Consultation Paper (Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions) | Local Elections 98 (BBC News) | Local Election Results 1995-1997 | Local Government Association | Local Government Commission for England (LGCE) | London Decides (Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions) | London Referendum London Facts and Referendum Results (BBC News) | 'Tagish's Directory of UK Local Authority Web Sites | Tagish's Directory of UK Parish and Town Council Web Sites |

Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland Office (NIO) - Press Releases | Northern Ireland: the Background and the Facts, The search for a political settlement in Northern Ireland and Progress in the Multi-Party Talks (NIO) | Northern Ireland Assembly | Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue | Northern Ireland Public Web Service | Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) | Royal Ulster Constabulary |

Dependent Territories | Political Resources on the Net - Gibraltar | Political Resources on the Net - Isle of Man | Political Resources on the Net - Jersey | Political Resources on the Net - Bermuda | Tynwald - Isle of Man Parliament |

The Electoral System

Elections | British Election Studies, 1963-1992 (general election surveys - University of Essex) | British Election Studies Information System - BESIS (data and documents for cross-sectional studies - London Guildhall University and University of Essex) | Elections in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland | Known Company Donations to UK Political Parties 1995/6 | Northern Ireland Elections 1996 | Specialist Group on Elections, Public Opinion and Parties in Britain (EPOP) | Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System (Secretary of State for the Home Department, October 1998) | European Parliamentary Elections Bill (introduced in the House of Lords on 3 December 1998) | Vote 99, May 6th (elections for Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and local councils, BBC News) |

Political parties | Albion Party | British National Party | Communist Party of Britain | Communist Party of Great Britain | Conservative Party | Co-operative Party | Green Party of England and Wales | Islamic Party of Britain | Labour Party | Liberal Democrat Party | Liberal Party | Libertarian Alliance | Monster Raving Loony Party | National Democrats | Natural Law Party | New Communist Party | Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales -Welsh nationalist) | Prolife Alliance | Rainbow Dream Ticket Party | Referendum Party (anti-EU) | Scottish Green Party (ecologist) | Scottish Liberal Democrats | Scottish National Party (Scottish nationalist) | Scottish Socialist Alliance | Socialist Equality Party (Britain) | Socialist Labour Party | Socialist Party | Socialist Workers Party | Third Way | UK Independence Party | UK Virtual Party |


Northern Ireland political parties | Northern Ireland Public Service Web - Political Parties | Alliance Party (liberal) | Democratic Unionist Party (radical unionist) | Green Party of Northern Ireland (ecologist) | Progressive Unionist Party (radical unionist, linked to Ulster Volunteer Force) | Sinn Féin (radical republican, linked to IRA) | Social Democratic and Labour Party (social-democratic) | Ulster Democratic Party (radical unionist, linked to Ulster Defense Association) | Ulster Unionist Party (conservative unionist) |

Polls | ICM (Guardian and Observer) | MORI | NOP Research Group Limited | National Opinion Polls (Sunday Times) |


Law and civil liberties

| Bentham Archive of British Law | Bill of Rights, 1689 | Britain and Ireland Human Rights Centre | Cyber-Rights and Cyber-Liberties (UK) | European Convention on Human Rights | Human Rights Bill (full text), Summary of Human Rights Bill's main provisions (full text) and Questions & Answers on the proposed Human Rights Bill | Oxford University law links | The Penal Lexicon | Statewatch Database (civil liberties) | Stonewall legal directory | Taking Liberties | UK Legal | UK Legal Information Centre |


| Confederation of British Industry (CBI) | The Euro - One Currency for Europe (E.U.) | Get Ready for the Euro (HM Treasury), EMU Information (HM Treasury) and The Bank of England's Euro Page | London Stock Exchange | Foreign Exchange, The Economy, The Markets and London Shares (BBC News) | European Economic and Monetary Union (Financial Times) | Special Report: European Monetary Union (BBC News, November 12, 1998) |

Interest and pressure groups

Issues | Constitutional reform page | Falklands-Malvinas Forum | Lords Reform (BBC News) |

Interest groups | British Chambers of Commerce | TUC (Trade Unions Congress) on the Internet |

Pressure groups | Amnesty International | Campaign for Political Ecology | Citizen's Charter Unit | Charter 88 | Critical Mass | Electoral Reform Society | Friends of the Earth | Greenpeace | The Green Alliance | Hunt Saboteurs Association | League Against Cruel Sports | Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) | National Campaign for the Arts | Parliamentary Human Rights Foundation | Rock the Vote | The Seed |



| Britain in the USA and British Media Review (British Information Service, New York) | British Broadcasting Corporation and BBC News | Channel Four | The Daily Telegraph | The Economist | The Electronic Telegraph | The European | Financial Times | The Glasgow Daily Record and Sunday Mail | The Guardian | The Independent | London Evening Standard | New Statesman | News Unlimited (Guardian Unlimited) | Newshound (links to daily newspaper articles about Northern Ireland) | The Observer | Red Pepper | The Sunday Times | The Times | UK Teletext | Yahoo! UK and Ireland News and Events |


British history and culture

British History | American and British History Resources on the Internet (Rutgers University) | BBC Timelines: England and Scotland (multi-level timelines of the histories of England and Scotland from the Neolithic age to the present) | Battle of Hastings 1066 | Great Britain Historical Database (nineteenth and twentieth-century aggregate statistics for U.K. - University of Essex) | Magna Carta (1216) | Roman Military Sites in Britain (fortresses, forts, watchtowers, temporary camps, depots and industrial sites, built by the Roman Army in Britain plus background material on the Roman Army and military history of the province) |

English Culture | "The English: Europe's lost tribe" (BBC News, January 14, 1999) | English Heritage (body created by Parliament in 1984 to protect the historic environment) | "Shakespeare and the Formation of English Identity" (Ari Yampolsky) |

European Union

| Europa - Official European Union Website | Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (Treaty of Paris, April 18, 1951) | Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (Treaty of Rome, March 25, 1957) | Treaty establishing the European Community (Treaty of Rome, March 25, 1957) | Single European Act (SEA, 1987) | Treaty on European Union (TEU - Maastricht Treaty, February 7, 1992) | Treaty of Amsterdam (June 16-17, 1997) and Summary of Treaty (Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) | UK Presidency of the European Union (Jan. 1 - June 30, 1998) | British Members of the European Parliament |


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