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THE TROUBLES (Northern Ireland) - Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry

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General Resources

| A Bibliography of Works of Fiction Relating to 'the Troubles' | Abstracts on Organisations Prominent During 'the Troubles' (CAIN Web Service) | Background Information on the Northern Ireland Conflict and Index (CAIN Web Service) | Contemporary conflicts - Northern Ireland (Canadian Forces College) | Cost of the Troubles Study (CAIN Web Service) | Democratic Dialogue (Belfast think tank geared to stimulating approaches to political problems of Northern Ireland, as well as addressing long-neglected economic,social and cultural questions. Site includes policy papers concerning peace process) | "The End of the Troubles?", Fintan O'Toole, The New York Review of Books, February 19, 1998 | European Union Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland & the Border Counties of Ireland | INCORE (Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity) | IrishPeace.com | Northern Ireland Documents and Press Releases / Statements (Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) | The Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey (NISAS - CAIN Web Service) | "The North is on the move, there is no going back" (Triona Carey, OneWorld) | Peace for Ireland? (The Atlantic Monthly, December 1995) | Peace in Northern Ireland? (Out There News) | "Conflict in Northern Ireland: A Background Essay", John Darby, in Facets of the Conflict in Northern Ireland (Seamus Dunn, ed.), Macmillan Press Ltd., 1995 | Solidarité Irlande | "Theoretical Framework for Conflict Resolution" (William G. Cunningham, from Conflict Theory and the Conflict in Northern Ireland, Master's thesis in Political Studies, University of Auckland, 1998) |

Belfast Agreement (April 10, 1998)

| BBC News - The Search for Peace - Special Section on Northern Ireland - The Agreement in Full and "Historic Opportunity" - Rivals Agree to Northern Ireland Settlement (April 10, 1998) | Boston Globe - Turning Point: Ireland's Day of Decision | The Good Friday Agreement, April 1998 - The Northern Ireland multi-party talks, 1996-1998, and the way ahead (Northern Ireland Office) | Northern Ireland Agreement Referendum 1998 (IrishLaw) | "Irlande du Nord, la fin d'une 'culture de l'échec'" (Florence Beaugé, Le Monde diplomatique, April 16, 1998) |

The Referenda | N. Ireland Referendum | Northern Ireland says Yes, Implications of the Yes vote and Huge Yes vote welcomed (BBC News, May 23, 1998) | The Referendum on Northern Ireland - Your Time to Decide | Ireland Decides (RTÉ) | Yes or No - The essential guide to the most important decision you'll ever make (Belfast Telegraph) |

June 25, 1998 Northern Ireland Assembly Elections | Assembly Elections and The State of the Parties (BBC News) | The Assembly Explained, Dr Sydney Elliott, Queen's University, Belfast (BBC News) | Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 1998 (Nicholas Whyte) | Politics in Northern Ireland - The Assembly and Religious breakdown in Northern Ireland constituencies (Belfast Telegraph) | The Single Transferable Vote - Easy as 1, 2, 3... (Electoral Reform Society) |

Analysis and Commentary | "Justice for all? - An Analysis of the Human Rights Provisions of the 1998 Northern Ireland Peace Agreement" (Human Rights Watch, April, 1998) | "World leaders back Stormont Agreement" (BBC News, May 16, 1998) | "Harvard talks on N. Ireland end amid rancor" (Adam Pertman, Boston Globe, July 25, 1998) |


Violence and Paramilitarism

| Behind the Mask: The IRA & Sinn Fein (PBS Online: Frontline, 1997) | The British Army in Ireland | 32 County Sovereignty Committee | CAIN Web Service - Chronology of Major Violent Incidents, 1969-1994, Key Events, Key Issues and Violence in Northern Ireland | The Irish Republican Army and the armed struggle in Irish politics | Irish Republican Socialist Movement | "Paramilitary Groups" (BBC News, March 30, 1998) | U.K. Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1989 (c. 4) | Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning Act 1997 (c. 7) | Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy) Act 1998 Chapter 40 | Press Release - Publication of Offences against the State (Amendment) Bill, 1998 (Irish Department for Justice, Equality and Law Reform) | Rosemary Nelson Memorial Protest Campaign (launched to support international calls for the RUC to be removed from the investigation of the murder) |

Analysis and Commentary | BBC News - "Arms handover talks 'constructive'", "Decommissioning details revealed, "Decommissioning could be stumbling block" (May 27, 1998) and "LVF violence over 'forever'" (August 8, 1998) | Irish Times - "Not a hope on arms by May deadline, says Ahern" and "Mandelson seeks compromise points for sides" (March 29, 2000) | Le Monde Diplomatique - "Difficile adieu aux armes en Irlande du Nord; L'intransigeance des paramilitaires et de Londres" (Pierre Joannon, March 1996) | The Sunday Business Post - "Section 31 silenced the voice of justice for all of 25 years" (Tom McGurk, May 10, 1998) | "Violence in Northern Ireland, 1969 - June 1989" (Brendan O'Duffy and Brendan O'Leary, in The Future of Northern Ireland, John McGarry and Brendan O'Leary, eds., Oxford University Press,1990) |

Policing | Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland (Patten Commission) and The Report | BBC News - The Patten Report and Report Summary |

The Omagh Bombing | Key Events - The Omagh Bomb, 15 August 1998 (CAIN Web Service) | "Nine children among 28 dead", "Sinn Fein condemnation 'unequivocal'", "'Carnage, misery and sorrow'", "'It was a battlefield'" and "Who are the 'Real IRA?'" (BBC News, August 16, 1998) |


Human rights issues and documents

| Advancing A Rights Agenda in Northern Ireland (The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights) | Amnesty International Report 1997 (United Kingdom) | Amnesty International publications and news releases 1996 (United Kingdom) | Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment: Detention of Róisín McAliskey (AI Report, April 1997) | Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) | Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission | "Powers of the Police" (Brice Dickson, Civil Liberties in Northern Ireland: The CAJ Handbook, Brice Dickson, ed., Belfast: Committee on the Administration of Justice, 1997) | Statewatch (materials on Northern Ireland) | Chapter 3 from Ten Men Dead: The Story of the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike (David Beresford, London: Harper Collins Publishers, 1987) | Ireland Report on Human Rights Practices for 1997 (January 30, 1998) and United Kingdom Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1997 (January 30, 1998) (U.S. Department of State) | "Report on the mission of the Special Rapporteur to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" (U.N. Commission on Human Rights, March 5, 1998) | "UN accuses RUC of intimidating lawyers" (BBC News, March 31, 1998) | "Concern raised over security crackdown" (BBC News, August 21, 1998) | "Does free speech suffer in the aftermath of terrorism?- Fighting the Irish" (Deirdre Hussey and Eamon Lynch Village Voice, August 25, 1998) |

Related Human Rights Groups and Organizations | Britain and Ireland Human Rights Centre | Pat Finucane Centre | Committee on the Administration of Justice | Charter 88 | Connolly Association | Families Against Intimidation and Terror (FAIT) | Liberty | Rosemary Nelson Campaign | Victims and Survivors Trust |

Parades and marches

| Garvaghy Road Residents' Coalition | The Independent Review of Parades and Marches (NIO) | Lower Ormeau Concerned Community | Northern Ireland Marching Season (Human Rights Watch) | Orange Net | The Orange Order | Orange Watch and A Guide to the Public Processions Bill | Parades - Moving Forward Together | Parades and Marches (Britain in the USA) | Parades and Marches in Northern Ireland, Background Information on the Main Parading Organisations and Developments at Drumcree, 1995-1998 (CAIN Web Service) | Parades Commission for Northern Ireland | South Armagh Farmers and Residents Committee |

Commentary and Analysis | "Policing the Police: Northern Ireland's Marching Season" and "Interview with Martin O'Brien of the Committee on the Administration of Justice" (Witness Archive) | "Inside the Orange Order" (BBC News, June 29, 1998) | "Violence turns Belfast into 'ghost-town'" (BBC News, July 10, 1998) | "The Endless Parade" (Neil Jarman, Material Conflicts: Parades and Visual Displays in Northern Ireland, Oxford: Berg Publishers, 1997) | "The long march of history - Orange order power forced successive governments to drop attempts to stop the parades" (Christine Kinealy, The Guardian, July 13, 1998) | "Orange disorder poses toughest test for Trimble" (Barry White) and "How British public opinion is turning" (Brendan O'Leary, Irish Independent, July 14, 1998) | "Orangemen risk British backlash after child killings" (Hugo Young, July 14, 1998) and "Blood Orange" (Mark Steel, The Guardian, July 15, 1998) |

Bloody Sunday

| Bloody Sunday Inquiry | Key Events - 'Bloody Sunday', Derry 30 January 1972 (CAIN Web Service) | Bloody Sunday (ITN) | Bloody Sunday and Report of Widgery Tribunal (Irish Government Assessment of New Material Presented to UK Government, June 1997) | Remembering Bloody Sunday | Remembering Bloody Sunday (Irish Northern Aid Committee) | Report of the Tribunal appointed to inquire into the events on Sunday, 30th January 1972 (Widgery Tribunal) | "United Kingdom Inquiry into Bloody Sunday - a step towards justice" (Amnesty International News Release, January 30, 1998) |


The peace process

| Ceasefire Documents - July 1997 (Irish News) | IRA Cease-fire - August 1994 through February 1996 and July 1997 to Present (Irish Northern Aid Committee) | Coalition for Peace in Ireland | Key Events - The Irish Peace Process 1988 to the Present (CAIN Web Service) | Forum for Peace and Reconciliation | Northern Ireland Peace Process | Northern Ireland Peace Talks (Yahoo! Full CoverageWorld News) | Northern Ireland Peace Web Site | The Northern Ireland Political Talks (Northern Ireland Office) | The Peace Process (Irish Northern Aid Committee) | British Military Garrison in Ireland (Sinn Féin) | "Peacekeepers? Peacemakers? Women in Northern Ireland 1969-1995" (Valerie Morgan, Lecture at the University of Ulster, October 25, 1995) | "A matter of opinion: The future of the peace talks should not rely so heavily on the findings of the RUC" (Damien Kiberd, Sunday Business Post, February 22, 1998) | "The Irish Peace Process" (Jeson Ingraham, CAIN Web Service) | White Ribbon Peace Campaign | The Search for Peace (peace process is latest solution to a conflict lasting centuries. BBC News Online looks at key players, parties and paramilitaries whose violence dominate province's politics) |

Peace Process Documents | The Irish Peace Process - List of Source Documents (CAIN Web Service) | Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985 (Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) | Downing Street Declaration (December 15,1993) | Statement by Taoiseach (Albert Reynolds, December 15, 1993) | IRA Ceasefire Statement (August 31, 1994) | CLMC Ceasefire Statement (October 13, 1994) | Joint Communiqué (British PM-Taoiseach) (November 25 1995) | Framework Document (Major-Bruton announcement, 1995) | Report of the International Body on Arms Decommissioning (Mitchell Commission) (George J Mitchell, John de Chastelain, Harri Holkeri January 24, 1996) | "Paths to a Political Settlement: Realities, Principles and Requirements" (Final Paper of the Drafting Committee of the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation, February 2, 1996) | End of IRA Ceasefire Statement (February 9, 1996) | Downing Street Communiqué (Bruton-Major statement, February 28, 1996) | Consultation Paper: Ground Rules for Substantive All-Party Negotiations (March 15, 1996) | Northern Ireland (Entry to Negotiations, etc) Act 1996 | "Policing and the Northern Ireland Peace Process", Roger Mac Ginty (INCORE), March 1997 | Peace Process - Text of Document on Decommissioning (June 25, 1997) | Text of the IRA 1997 Ceasefire (July 20, 1997) | "Parties now have a chance to move towards peace", Mo Mowlam, The Irish Times (July 22, 1997) | Sinn Féin position paper presented to Mo Mowlam (August 7, 1997) | Text of Agreement on Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (August 26, 1997) | Peace Process - 'Propositions on Heads of Agreement' (January 12, 1998) | Text of IRA statement on the 'Heads of Agreement' Document (January 21, 1998) | Ulster Freedom Fighters (Ulster Defence Association) Statement (January 23, 1998) | The Agreement, Text of the Agreement reached in the multi-party negotiations (April 10, 1998) | IRA Statement on Decommissioning (April 30, 1998) | Hillsborough Declaration (April 1, 1999) | IRA Statement on Decommissioning (Nov. 17, 1999) | IRA Statement on Decommissioning (May 6, 2000) |


Political culture in a segmented society

| CAIN Project (University of Ulster) Political Wall Murals in Northern Ireland, Political symbols in Northern Ireland, Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto, "Politics of place and resistance: The case of Northern Ireland", NGP Yearbook 1999, Volume 28, No.2 (1999), Oona Woods, "Seeing is Believing? Murals in Derry", Seeing is Believing? Murals in Derry (1995), Neil Jarman, Painting Landscapes: The Place of Murals in the Symbolic Construction of Urban Space, Symbols in Northern Ireland (Edited by Anthony Buckley, The Queen's University of Belfast, 1998) and The Bogside Artists | "Culture, Conflict and Murals: The Irish Case" (Bill Rolston, in "Distant Relations", ZoneZero Magazine) | European Institute of Protestant Studies (Ian Paisley's anti-Catholic Website) | Flags of Ireland | Irish Prisoner of War Page (on behalf of political prisoners) | James Connolly Society | More Murals!! (Photos from Jan. 1995) | women of northern ireland unite (articles and poetry) |


Centres for the study of the Northern Ireland conflict

| The CAIN (Conflict Archive on the INternet) Project (University of Ulster) | Centre d'études irlandaises (Université de Rennes) | Centre for Peace & Cooperation Studies (University of Limerick) | Centre for Social Research (Queen's University of Belfast) | The Centre for the Study of Conflict (University of Ulster) | Department of Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Bradford) | INCORE (INitiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity) (University of Ulster) | Institute of Irish Studies (Queen's University of Belfast) | Institute of Irish Studies (Trinity College Dublin) | Institute of Irish Studies (University of Liverpool) | Irish and Irish Immigration Studies (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) | Irish Peace Institute Research Centre (University of Limerick) | Irish Studies Centre (University of North London) |


| British Politics | Insurgency Online - Northern Ireland | Irish Politics | Northern Ireland Politics | Scotland | West European Politics | Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry |

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