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B: 70 72

        Grammatically correct

        Introduced; Concluded: Paper has internal structure

        Identifies key elements

        Defines concepts relevant to analysis

        Shows comprehension of content

        Draws together content coherently

        Draws together content understandably

        Descriptive treatment of content


B+: 75 78

All of the above, including:

        Discriminates relevant content: makes distinctions; discerns

        Analyzes content from a personal perspective

        Shows critical thinking


A: 80 88

All of the above, including:


        Interprets relevant ideas

        Synthesizes disparate ideas

        Evaluates ideas

        Ideas of experience are applied to at least one relevant case scenario authentic to author

A+: 90 100

All of the above, including:

        Original creative thought

        Sound critical evaluation

        Clear command of techniques

        New understandings